Move In

Fall 2021 Move-In Dates

First-year students: Wednesday, Aug. 18

Sophomores: Thursday, Aug. 19

Transfers: Friday, Aug. 20

Returning students: Saturday, Aug. 21, and Sunday, Aug. 22

What to expect & Move-in Procedures

In order for you to have a smooth check-in and arrival, please follow these important steps:

Prior to leaving home…

Make sure you have completed all steps in the pre-arrival screening tool, and you have reach a screen with a green check mark. Please screenshot or print out this page and be prepared to show it upon request during move in or upon arrival to campus, and anytime during the first week back. (All students received an email on August 11 with instructions on completing the mandatory pre-arrival screening.)

Label your boxes and bags with your name, residence hall and room number. This way, if you leave something outside or in the lobby of your residence hall, our staff can help get your items to you quickly on move-in day.

Getting to campus…

When you arrive in Oneonta, follow the signs around town directing you to enter campus from West Street and proceed directly to our central check-in area on campus, the parking lot outside of Alumni Field House. Do not try to go directly to your residence hall.

Once you get to campus….

Proceed to the central check-in at the Alumni Field House parking lot, you will be asked to show the staff your green check mark from the pre-arrival screening tool (as discussed above). Having this screen ready to go on your phone, or as a paper print-out, make the process easier.

If you do not have a green check on your pre-arrival screening tool, you will be directed to someone who will help you understand what steps you need to complete to be cleared for move-in.

Upon approval of your green check, you will be given a color-coded paper related to the zone for your residence hall. You will leave the parking lot and follow the appropriate signs to get to your residence hall.

At your residence hall you will receive directions about how to unload, and where to eventually move your vehicle.

Before unloading, you must check in at the front office of the building to receive any keys and collect important information.

After unloading, the vehicle must be moved to designated parking lots that are away from the residence halls.

General note: due to space and traffic flow limitations, large vehicles (moving trucks, RVs, vehicles with trailers) will not be permitted to proceed to the residence halls. Please keep in mind that the campus does not provide physical help to move personal items, so please plan accordingly.

Once you get all of your items in your room…

Make note of any questions or potential problems in your room so you can alert the residence hall staff. Later that day you will attend a mandatory residence hall meeting where safety items will be discussed.

Packing List

Download your packing list:

Frequently Asked Questions

Not unless there is an exceptional circumstance.  If you want to ask for this you should e-mail to explain the reason for an early arrival date.   

Once you have moved all of your items into your room, you will need to move your vehicles to a remote lot to allow others access to park and move in.  We have many students moving into every building each day during move-in week. 

Between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., residents may use any exterior door to access their building with their ID. After 11 p.m. the front door should be used.  

We will have limited carts for use. Please bring your own if you have items that require a hand truck to move items in.

As soon as you move into your building, please head over to the front (outside under a tent) of the RED DRAGON OUTFITTERS BUILDING to pick up your ID card.

Pre-ordered textbooks can be picked up in the Catskill Room, upstairs in the Hunt Student Union next to the ballroom.

All other purchases can be made at the Damascene Book Cellar in the Red Dragon Outfitters Building

Yes. Trunks, boxes and packages can be sent by UPS or Parcel Post. Each mailed item should be addressed to:
Full Name
Dragon #
68 Bugbee Road
Oneonta, NY 13820

Students can find their new dragon number in the directory and their web services portal.

Mail and packages can be picked up from Dragon Express!  For more information visit their website, located here: Student mail and package services.

Double-style residence halls do not have elevators.  In quads/suites/apartments, elevators are available to assist with moving your belongings to upper floors. You will not be able to ride in the elevators with your belongings because they are freight elevators. Please work with the professional staff of your building to coordinate this.  You can find their information here.

There are a number of items that are not allowed in the residence halls. These include extension cords, air conditioners, pets, cooking appliances (i.e. toasters, hot pots, hot plates and other appliances that use electricity to cook food), candles, firearms, ammunition, martial arts and archery equipment, and halogen lamps. Please consult the Student Code of Conduct and your Residence Hall License for a complete list and more details.

Move In Packing List

These are the layouts of our double rooms (our most common)

Picture is the dimensions of three different double style rooms

Most mattresses are regular length (80 by 36 inches), however, we do have some extra-long ones in the mix. Since most students like to bring egg crate mattress covers, we suggest twin size extra-long sheets to cover the extra bulk, but regular-size comforters and blankets.

All of our residence halls have modified beds (that have the capacity to be raised and lowered) under which is approximately 3 feet of space at its highest point.  In addition, you can purchase "risers"  (risers with USB charging ports are not allowed) to provide additional space under beds.

Yes, you may use your own rug; rugs are not provided in the residence hall rooms. However, it is important to first measure the floor in your assigned room to determine an appropriate rug size.

There are blinds covering all windows, but window sizes vary. It is best to measure first before buying curtains or valances for decoration. Curtains must be fire retardant, and a certificate of compliance must be filed with your Residence Hall Director at check-in.

In many of our rooms, the closets have curtains.  Students may bring their own rod/curtains to use for the closets.  The important issue is that at the end of the year, the room/curtains be put back in their original places.  Huntington Hall does not have curtains on their closets.

Yes. Refrigerator size is limited to "countertop” height. You can bring your own cube refrigerator or lease one. Microwaves are permitted (standard wattage microwaves are ok), as are coffee makers with an automatic shut off. Be sure to communicate with your roommate before you arrive to coordinate who is bringing what.

Telephone: Telephone service, local calls and voice mail are provided upon request in each bedroom at no extra cost to the student. Please submit this form when you arrive on campus if you would like a landline in your room. Students will be billed for international calls and should contact the IT Service Desk for current rates and to request international calling on their line.  Students should provide their own telephone. 2.4 GHz phones are not allowed in the residence halls as they interfere with Wi-Fi signal. More information can be found here.

Television: Cable TV is also provided in residence hall lounges and fitness centers or with streaming SpectrumU TV with a browser or the app on a personal device.  More information can be found here.

Data Networks: Wireless network service is available in every residence hall as are computer labs with computers and printers. Wired network access in residence hall rooms will be provided upon request. Please submit this form when you arrive on campus in the spring. Personal routers and wireless access points are not allowed in the residence halls. More information can be found here.

It’s free! High-efficiency Maytag front-loading washers and dryers are located in all residence halls. Machine use is unlimited; no quarters needed! For your convenience, you can use our LaundryView service to see if any washers or dryers are available before lugging your laundry to the laundry room – and set up a text alert to let you know when a machine is free.

All of our residence halls have at least one common area kitchen, including a sink, microwave and stove/oven for students to use.

The campus student activity fee you pay supports a bus service that runs through campus and downtown every half hour. Service begins at 7 a.m. and ends at between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. on weekdays. The schedule varies on weekends.

After dark, students may contact University Police for an on-campus escort from one location to another. There are also "Blue Light" phones conveniently located around campus in case of an emergency. The "Blue Light" phones are for emergency use only and are directly linked to the University Police Department.

Yes. NBT and Community Bank automatic teller machines (NYCE, PLUS, CIRRUS, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, American Express, Novus, Quest, Diner's Club Card) are located in the Hunt College Union. There is a Sidney Federal Credit Union ATM in Mills Dining Hall.

Move-In Contact

For specific questions, contact the professional staff member in your building. You can find that information here

For general questions, contact:
Residential Community Life

106 Wilsbach Hall
Oneonta, NY 13820
Office: (607) 436-2514

Orientation Contact

New Student Services
213 Hunt Union
(607) 436-2255

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