About Us

The Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences is characterized by a creative and collaborative faculty who foster learning through innovative classrooms, research, and service learning within the classroom and the community. All faculty members have a commitment to excellence, equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice, a passion for exercise and sport, a desire to work with students from diverse backgrounds, a commitment to improving access to higher education for all students regardless of background, and a commitment to educating students to become global citizens.

Vision Statement

Create a vibrant learning environment that will engage, nurture and inspire students to explore health and fitness within and beyond the classroom.

Mission Statement

With excellent teaching, scholarship, civic engagement, and stewardship central to the SUNY Oneonta mission, the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences engages and prepares learners by:

  • creating a vibrant learning environment, one which is inviting, collaborative, rigorous and thought-provoking for all participants;
  • using data, theory and contemporary practices to inform teaching, scholarship, and service;
  • nurturing critical dialogue;
  • promoting ethical action, social justice, effective leadership and personal responsibility when serving others and within an organization and communities; and
  • challenging individuals to synthesize data critically, intellectually and with an appreciation for generating diverse perspectives.

Goal Statement

The Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences supports SUNY Oneonta’s mission, vision, and goals through its academic programs and commitment to excellence. Our central goal is to provide high-quality academic programs committed to student learning, effective teaching, research and scholarship, civic engagement, and an inclusive community in a diverse, rapidly changing and increasingly technological society. We are equally committed to developing partnerships and collaborative relationships with agencies, organizations, clubs, health centers and facilities that specialize in health care, health promotion, fitness and organized sports.

In order to guide our work, the following serve as specific activities for the department:

  1. Recruit, support and retain a diverse faculty and staff capable of providing the highest quality of learning experiences, scholarly activity, and professional service.
  2. Offer innovative classroom experiences that engage and challenge students in meaningful ways.
  3. Recruit, retain and graduate students capable of being valued professionals.
  4. Conduct and disseminate research and scholarly papers that contribute to advancing the professional study of Sport and Exercise Sciences.
  5. Use existing and emerging technologies to enhance student learning and professional practice.
  6. Provide opportunities for students beyond the walls of SUNY Oneonta to promote a diverse learning environment and enhance professional growth.
  7. Participate in professional activities at the state, regional and national levels that can earn recognition for the department and university.
  8. Engage alumni in supporting the continued growth and development of the department.
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