About Us

The Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences is characterized by a creative and collaborative faculty who foster learning through innovative classrooms, research, and service learning within the classroom and the community. All faculty members have a commitment to excellence, equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice, a passion for exercise and sport, a desire to work with students from diverse backgrounds, a commitment to improving access to higher education for all students regardless of background, and a commitment to educating students to become global citizens.

Vision Statement

To create a vibrant learning environment that will engage, nurture, and inspire students to begin to establish their place in the fields of exercise science, sport management, coaching, and lifelong wellness within and beyond the classroom.

Department Program Goals

  1. Enhance student knowledge concerning various content areas related to exercise science, sport management, coaching, and lifelong general wellness.
  2. Encourage the development of critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills practically through assignments, activities, and/or projects designed to investigate "real-world" scenarios.
  3. Enable and encourage students to communicate both effectively and collaboratively.
  4. Embrace diversity by celebrating its role in the nature of the sport industry, exercise science, coaching, and wellness while acknowledging and working to improve areas of inequity.
  5. Empower and practice ethical decision-making related to sport industry, exercise science, coaching and wellness.

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