Student Learning Center Courses

We regularly offer courses designed to support student success.

  • PROF 1110 College Reading Strategies (3 credits) -- Through guided practice in college-level strategies, students will increase their ability to read critically and write coherently. Students will practice the cognitive strategies of proficient and engaged critical readers, such as accessing prior knowledge, imaging, questioning, clarifying, predicting, considering main ideas, summarizing, and drawing inferences. Through guided practice in writing processes, students will increase their ability to create unified, coherent, well-developed and well-edited essays.
  • PROF 1120 Study Skills: Resource Management (1-credit) -- a self-reflective and a strategic course that allows students to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in areas of motivation, learning preferences, and resource management, as well as to develop strategies for utilizing areas of strength to develop areas of weakness. The course targets fundamental areas of student learning which, unexplored and undeveloped, tend to cause the greatest levels of academic difficulty.
  • PROF 1130 Academic Reading Strategies (1-credit) -- Through reflection upon the premises of college learning, and through guided practice of established methods, students will learn to identify organizational patterns and emphasis cues in college texts and will learn to use paragraph reading tools effectively. Students will also develop a systematic, well-organized approach to effective note-taking. Topics covered will include identifying main ideas, major/minor details, patterns of organization, SQ3R, Cornell note-taking, and schematic mapping.
  • PROF 1140 Study Skills: Test Taking Strategies (1-credit) -- This course is designed to address various areas of student test-taking skills. Topics covered will include task analysis, memory strategies, organization, effective reviewing, Bloom’s taxonomy, mock tests, test analysis, essay test terminology, and how to “cram” effectively.
  • PROF 1200 College Learning Strategies (3-credits) -- This course facilitates student development of a wide range of skills that support academic success. General topics include the exploration of individual learning styles and processes, empowered learning, student creation of effective learning environments, and development of task-specific learning tools. This dialogic course addresses larger learning issues (critical reading strategies, creative approaches to problem-solving, authentic research processes, and critical thinking strategies). This course is writing intensive and focuses on writing as a means of self-exploration, reflective thinking, and effective communication.
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