Teach for Change

Teach for Change LLC in Tobey Hall
Teach for Change LLC in Tobey Hall
Teach for Change first-year seminar
Teach for Change first-year seminar

About the LLC

Do you wish to work with others for the greater good and connect with students with similar interests? Are you passionate about creating a just, civil society?

The Teach for Change LLC is for childhood education or adolescence education majors who are committed to becoming leaders in education as they work to make the world a better place. You will engage in conversations about social justice issues and collaborate with other students on team-building activities and community-service projects.

Students in this LLC will be enrolled in a first-year seminar, along with EDUC 106: Issues, Philosophy, and Foundations of Education, a course taken by all education majors.

“With all of us living in the same dorm, it’s easier to get together to work on projects or homework. We make a lot of connections through this class. We relate to each other because we’re interested in the same topics and, being education majors, we are aware of the same types of issues in education.”

--Rayann Tobia, Early Childhood/Childhood Education (B-6) major

How to Apply

Students accepted for fall 2019 can apply for an LLC by indicating interest on the housing application, available in the myOneonta portal. Applications are due June 22.


For questions, please contact the Office of Residential and Community Life at reslife@oneonta.edu or 607-436-2514.

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