Online Teaching Certification


The Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC) manages the Online Teaching Certification program, created to ensure high-quality virtual learning delivery for students.


The program has two levels. In Level 1, participants complete Blackboard training that covers the necessary skills to use Blackboard. In Level 2, participants develop pedagogy skills necessary to deliver effective virtual instruction.


Faculty and staff who want to teach online are required to complete the following steps. Use this checklist to guide completion of requirements:

Complete the Level 1 Training: Blackboard

  • Blackboard (Bb) training is currently offered face-to-face as a one-on-one or group session. Sign up for group training at the link on this page. Submit a Service Desk Ticket to request a one-on-one training session. Beginning September 2017 it will also be offered as online training.
  • The Bb training has 5 modules (A-E). All modules must be completed to teach online:
    • Module A: Content Creation
    • Module B: Interactive Tools
    • Module C: Assessment Tools
    • Module D: Grade Center
    • Module E: ADA

Complete the Level 2 Training:
Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning

  • This training is a fully online course that lasts 4 weeks. During this training, faculty will learn best practices for teaching online and quality online design, as well as gain skills in creating accessible documents and planning interactive learning.

Within 30 days after the successful completion of both Levels of training, the Office of Academic Programs reviews the training completion list and updates Banner to indicate the faculty who have completed both trainings and are thus eligible to deliver online courses. Due to upgrades, technology advancement, and new compliance laws, faculty should take a re-fresher on this training every 2-3 years.


Faculty who require instructional design support may contact the TLTC for an appointment. SUNY Oneonta employs the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric for course reviews:

How to Register

Level 1 and Level 2 training are offered several times a year.

Faculty may RSVP for future training sessions online

For one-on-one support and training, submit a request to the Service Desk and one of the TLTC staff will contact you

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