Theater Rental Requests

Goodrich Theater

The Theatre Department facilities are available for free to non-departmental campus groups and can be rented for a fee by groups not affiliated with the campus. Due to their primary use serving the educational goals of the department, the availability of the theaters can be very limited depending on the time of year and the nature of your event.

Reservation Procedure

  1. Contact the Theatre Department for the latest information on the availability of the theaters. For reference, a public theater use calendar is typically posted on the bulletin board outside of the Theatre Department main office, FA-106.
  2. Submit a formal reservation request using a Theater Reservation Request Form. By submitting a request, you agree to the Theatre Department's Use of Venue Contract, which stipulates terms of use as they apply to your event.
  3. The Theatre Department's Theater Use Committee reviews the submitted request and approves or denies the use. If modifications to the Use of Venue Contract are required they will be made. The Theatre Department reserves the right to deny any request for use of the facilities.
  4. A copy of the reviewed request form is provided to you. If modifications to the Use of Venue Contract have been made they will be provided to you for approval.
  5. For groups not affiliated with the campus; approved requests will be forwarded to the Business Services office in the Morris Conference Center. The Business Services office will collect proof of insurance, conduct billing, and issue a permit allowing you to hold your event on campus. If your group will have custody or control of children under the age of 17, compliance with the SUNY Child Protection Policy will be required.
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