Artist-in-Residence Program

Featured Artist-in-Residence Natan Diacon-Furtado
Featured Artist-in-Residence Natan Diacon-Furtado

SUNY Oneonta, the School of Liberal Arts and Business (SLAB), the Art Department, and the Galleries at SUNY Oneonta are excited to announce the inaugural SLAB Artist-in-Residence for visual art, Natan Diacon-Furtado. Natan (all pronouns) is based in Troy, New York, and is a Brazilian and American collaborative artist and designer trained as a cultural anthropologist, public interest designer and architect. Their work embraces a global southern heritage of fundamental geometries and pattern-making as visual translation devices for experiencing and exploring issues of race, identity and community through collaboration.

Featured Artist-in-Residence Natan Diacon-Furtado
Natan Diacon-Furtado

Natan will be in residency at SUNY Oneonta from mid-January through mid-March, pursuing new work and ideas on campus. They will be working directly with students to develop a site-specific project to be presented in the spring. We look forward to welcoming them into our community and learning new ways of seeing, experiencing, and creating our world. Deeply committed to collaborative space and place-making, Natan’s public commissions include upcoming large-scale permanent work for the city of Pittsburgh’s Lower Hill neighborhood redevelopment (2024), as well as temporary installations for Troy, NY, and Governor’s Island in New York City (2023).

They have been the subject of two solo museum shows at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (2022) and Indiana University’s Wiley House Museum (2021), with additional exhibitions at Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery (2021), PlySpace (2020), and group showings at The REEF (2022), Terrain Biennial (2021), De 7 a 5 (2021), Stella Jones Gallery (2021), Peep Space (2021), Venice Biennale of Architecture (2014), Delft Architectural Biennial (2014) and Buenos Aires Biennale of Architecture (2013). Artist-in-residence and fellowship positions include Montgomery College (2022, 2023), Indiana University (2021), and Ball State University (2019), as well as residencies at Aomori Contemporary Art Center (2022) and the Joan Mitchell Foundation (2021). In addition, TIME magazine named their design work one of the "World's Greatest Places."

Learn more about Natan on the website, here:

The Artist-in-Residence program is designed to support the development or continuation of new works by providing residents with dedicated time, specialized facilities and a broad and potentially collaborative campus community.


  1. Resident Stipend ($8,000 for eight-week stay)
  2. Resident housing allowance deducted from stipend (up to $600 per four-week period)
  3. Project budget (including necessary materials up to $1,000 can be reimbursed)
  4. Staff and student worker support, determined based on project

Housing options, complete with Wi-Fi and kitchen, are available on or near the campus. SUNY Oneonta staff will be available to advise applicants on housing. SUNY Oneonta will support the residency project by providing a student intern, marketing, and communications services.


Residents will exhibit, publish or present work completed during the residency by the end of the Spring 2024 semester. Residents have the option to work with the Gallery Director to present an exhibition at the conclusion of their residency period. Exhibition space will be dependent on gallery availability and the scope of the final work. Residents will also engage in a selection of workshops, presentations, and formal discussions with students, faculty and the Oneonta community throughout their stay. Public exhibitions and events are subject to amendments based on the college calendar.



Residency stays are for an eight-week period, based on the scope and viability of the proposed projects and based on housing availability.


Residents will have access to the campus' formidable studio facilities including: computer labs (60 Mac computers, Cintiq displays, 3D printer, laser engraver, Adobe CC stations, Intuos tablets, Flipbook stations, Maya workstations, Unity workstations), darkroom, digital studios, lighting studio, design studios, drawing studios, printmaking studio (American French Tool Etching Press, Photo Intaglio, Serigraphy), sculpture suite (wood and stone studio, metal shop, digital 3D studio, metal foundry, CNC plasma cutter, CNC router, laser cutter), ceramics studio and painting studio. Availability is dependent upon class schedules and student club activities.

Art Facilities

Residents will also have access to SUNY Oneonta’s Milne Library, which provides quality information resources, services and expertise, in an inviting and stimulating intellectual environment.

Milne Library

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals should include the following:

  1. CV
  2. Artist Statement
  3. Ten examples of recent work created within the past five years
  4. Project description (max. 1,000 words)
  5. Plan for using the available facilities (max. 1,000 words)
  6. Projected budget (campus may provide up to $1,000)

Proposals should be submitted via Call for Entry (CaFÉ). Questions should be sent to:

SUNY Oneonta’s School of Liberal Arts & Business (SLAB) Artist-in-Residence Program, launched in 2023, is designed to support the development or continuation of new works by providing residents with dedicated time, specialized facilities and a broad and potentially collaborative campus community.

Additional information on programming and events will be announced in February 2024.

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