Zebra Mussel Information Portal

Zebra mussels dreissena polymorpha on native mussel

On this page, you will find links to various State, Federal, and International agencies as well as academic and non-profit organizations with zebra mussel expertise. This list is not all-inclusive by any means but should provide you with a great starting place to learn about the ecology, biology, and control of zebra mussels.

General Information about Invasive Species

Zebra Mussel Biology and Ecology

Zebra Mussel Invasion and Control


Main Laboratory
5838 State Hwy 80
Cooperstown, NY 13326
Phone: 607-547-8778
Fax: 607-547-5114

Lakeside Farm &
Upland Interpretive Center
7027 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY
(physical address)

Thayer Boathouse
7016 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY

Rum Hill
Thurston Hill Rd.
Springfield, NY

Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary
7290 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY

Greenwoods Conservancy
824 Zachow Rd.
Hartwick, NY 13348

Upper Research Site
Averill Rd.
Cooperstown, NY

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