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To study communication is to learn about and engage in the communicative processes that influence, shape and create our world. What does it mean to be a good communicator? How do we connect to others despite our social, cultural and political differences? What does it mean to have a voice, to participate in our democracy, to actively engage in a global society? What can we achieve in and through communication?

Guided by expert faculty who are both scholars and practitioners in the field, our students learn and practice the skills that excite 21st century employers, while learning how to communicate and participate in the world as global citizens. The Communication Studies major is designed with flexibility to meet your dynamic and diverse needs. You can tailor the major to your interests, working closely with a faculty advisor to create an individual course pathway.

Throughout your coursework, you will become grounded in the field of communication while developing and honing the skills of speaking, writing and listening critical to success in your personal, professional and public lives. Majors complete coursework that focuses on navigating small group dynamics, improving interpersonal and/or organizational relationships, cultivating cultural awareness and influencing public discourse.

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Sierra Estevez
My favorite class so far is Public Speaking. I love my professor, Stacy Branigan. She’s professional but motherly and makes it lively. She gives criticism back, but it’s always constructive so I don’t feel intimidated. It’s a great learning experience for me, and I’m seeing myself grow and progress over time.
Marlea Morales
I love the Communication Studies major and how broad and applicable it is. I have a minor in business, and I’m very active in that, as well. One of my best experiences was the Backpacks to Briefcases networking event in New York City, which I helped coordinate.
Emily Whitaker
I’m an example of how much you can grow here. I was such a nervous freshman, but this college has honestly changed me. I’m such a different person than I was freshman year. And it’s made my career path because now that’s what I want to do with my life. I just love how much of a difference it has had on me, and I can’t wait to help other students find that.
Anacia Wilburn
Junior year, I visited a bunch of SUNY schools with my high school, and Oneonta was the last one we went to. It was such a nice day, I loved the scenery and the hills. The vibe felt so much different from where I grew up, in the city. I thought maybe a slower way of life would be nice. That was the main reason I wanted to come here.
James Bethel
Attending the 2016 NCAA Annual Convention in Texas was an opportunity afforded me by Oneonta, and it really helped me at that time. I went down for their Student Immersion Program and got to sit in legislative meetings for the Big Ten Conference, and that was eye-opening for me. It’s something I really hold special because it gave me a peek into the realm of athletic administration and helped me realize that’s what I want to do.
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