New Members

Welcome to Oneonta’s Greek Community!

Congratulations on your decision to join a Greek Organization! We hope that it will be a great experience that will give you many wonderful memories. Being in a sorority or fraternity will allow you the opportunity to make new friends, get involved on campus, and develop leadership skills. We encourage you to get involved with your chapter, and not just attend meetings. Take on leadership positions to help yourself and your organization grow. Make an effort to get to know the people in other chapters.

Remember that when you wear your letters or your badge you are representing Greek members everywhere, so take that opportunity to show everyone the positive aspects of Greek Life. Good luck with the semester

New Member Acceptance Agreement (needs to be completed by Friday, Jan. 31)

Sorority Recruitment Survey (needs to be completed by Friday, Jan. 31)

Fraternity Recruitment Survey (needs to be completed by Friday, Jan. 31)

New Member Educators Information Depledge form

  • Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, Feb. 7
    New Member Retreat
    Morris Hall
  • Monday, Feb. 10
    Common Ground Training
    3pm RDT (must attend one common ground session)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 11
    Common Ground Training
    4pm RDT
  • Monday, Feb. 17
    New Members attend ICG
    7:15pm IRC 5

The Inter Greek Council

The Inter-Greek Council, known as the IGC is the governing body for all of the recognized fraternities and sororities on campus. The focus of the IGC is to maintain and strengthen Greek relations as well as promote superior brotherhood, sisterhood, scholarship and leadership in the Greek community.

The Executive Board of the IGC is selected by the presidents of the organizations during an interview process during the spring semester. Positions are held for a full academic year.

Get Involved in the Greek Community

We encourage students to get involved in the Greek Community in order to get the most of their fraternity or sorority experience. Here are a few ways to get involved.

Inter-Greek Council-The IGC is only as strong as its delegates The IGC provides support to the member organizations through programs, events and service projects. Members of the IGC are given the chance to attend leadership conferences to build leadership skills. Help IGC grow, get involved!

Order of Omega-Order of Omega is the national leadership honor society. To be eligible for membership in to Order of Omega you must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA and campus and community involvement. Order of Omega is a wonderful recognition to Greeks succeeding academically who are involved in the Oneonta community.

Greek Ambassadors-Being a Greek Ambassador means that you are the face of Greek Life. You will help students at the beginning of the fall semester by volunteering at campus events and tabling. You will also help spread positive PR about Greek Life. This position is for motivated people who are passionate about portraying Greek Life in a positive light.

Get Ahead with Time Management Skills

One of the biggest challenges that new members face is managing time due to the added responsibility of being a Greek New Member. Please keep in mind that your academics should be your #1 priority while you are at Oneonta. Here are a few tips that might help to manage your time easier.

  • Create a weekly to-do list and assign priority to duties
  • Use a weekly planning guide. Schedule key events, projects and deadlines
  • Focus on your goals
  • Know your peak times. Plan to work on your high priority tasks during this time
  • Find a place that is quiet and well-lit for studying
  • Learn to say NO. Let friends and visitors know when you are busy
  • Turn your phone on do not disturb when studying
  • Schedule your social time to find a balance between work and play
  • Tackle your most challenging subjects first when studying
  • Use time between classes or any other free time to study or read
  • Don’t over commit! Spreading yourself too thin is not healthy
  • Take care of yourself. Keep yourself on track, exercise and eat right

Make academics a priority

Academic success is important for fraternity and sorority members at SUNY Oneonta. These tips will help you achieve your academic goals.

  • Review the material right after class while the concepts are fresh in your mind
  • Take short, frequent study breaks to keep you focused
  • Take notes as you read and write down the main ideas of the topic
  • Don’t study later than the time you usually go to sleep. Retention of information depletes with less sleep.
  • Join a study group of people who are in the same class
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