Go Greek!

Why Go Greek

Why go greek?

Scholarship – Sororities and fraternities serve as a great resource for students academically through study hours, tutors, and education based workshops. There is a minimum 2.50 GPA required to participate in Greek recruitment and remain an active member.

Service – Each Greek organization at Oneonta actively supports a philanthropy and participates in several community service projects throughout the year. The service projects allow sorority and fraternity members the opportunity to help others who may be less fortunate than them. Working together on these projects benefits everyone involved and is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Greek member.

Leadership – True leadership comes from experience. As a member of Greek life, you’ll find tremendous opportunities that will give you the experience to become an effective leader. Fraternities and sororities are self-governing, giving members numerous leadership possibilities. Greek life offers leadership training programs campus wide and through individual chapters.

Brotherhood/Sisterhood – The Brotherhood and sisterhood of Greek life is truly a “family” experience. It offers you the security and happiness that is part of the brother/sister bond. While you do not have to limit your social life to Greek activities, you will find many ways to interact with your chapter, other fraternities and sororities and other campus organizations.


How do I know if I’m the “Greek Type?”
There is no "Greek Type." Most of the stereotypes about Greek membership are myths. One of the strengths of Oneonta’s Greek Community is the diversity of the individuals who are members. Each organization consists of members who have varied interests, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

What effect will being in a Greek Organization have on my grades?
Fraternities and sororities offer study halls, tutoring programs, grade point requirements, and other programs to help meet the academic needs of their members.

Is hazing a part of the Greek culture at Oneonta?
Oneonta has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing this is consistent with New York State law. Hazing includes any activity that subjects members to harassment, ridicule, intimidation, physical exhaustion, abuse, or mental distress. Hazing is contrary to the purpose of the Greek community and SUNY Oneonta.

How do I get a bid? When do I accept the bid?
Bids are extended at the end of the recruitment period to those who have expressed an interest in a group and who meet that group’s criteria. Do not feel obligated to accept a bid unless you are sure that you are making the best decision.

When am I eligible to join?
To join a Greek organization at Oneonta you must be a full time student at SUNY Oneonta. You must have at least 12 credit hours at an institute of higher learning and a minimum GPA of 2.50. First semester Freshman are not allowed to join a Greek lettered organization, but may come to recruitment events to learn more about the Greek organizations.

How much are the semester dues?

Sorority Dues: National Average: $400
Sorority Local Average: $300
Fraternity: $500

Who's Who?

Our Greek Community here at Oneonta consists of approximately 950 men and women from all different nationalities, races, and religions. It takes a collaborative effort from students as well as faculty to make our Greek system work and strive.

Many people work hard long and hard to make Oneonta Greek Life the best that it can be.

If you decide to go Greek we can encourage you to get involved right away. You can start by becoming a chapter delegate on the Inter-Greek Council, or by simply taking a role as chair in your own organization. The more you put into Greek life, the more you will get out of it.

Please see Recognized Vs. Unrecognized page for more information!

Famous Greeks

Jimmy Buffet
Dr. Martin L. King Jr.
Maya Angelou
David Letterman
Condoleeza Rice
Bob Dylan
Sheryl Crow
Elizabeth Dole
Neil Armstrong
Jada Pinkett Smith
Kamala Harris
Katie Couric
Babe Ruth
Kenny Chesney
Jerry Lewis
Harry S. Truman
Willy Nelson
Molly Sims
Betsy Johnson

Greek Vocabulary

Active – an undergraduate student who has been initiate into lifelong membership of a Greek Organization

New Member – a person who has gone through the recruitment process and is in the process of becoming an initiated member of the organization

Badge – a symbolic pin worn by initiated members of Greek Organizations

Bid – a formal invitation to become a member of a Greek Letter organization

Colony – a newly- organized sorority or fraternity working towards an official charter from their national organization

Dues – fees paid to a Greek organization for membership, they are often paid per semester.

Founders – the founding members of a Greek Letter organization.

Philanthropy – a cause for which a particular organization may raise money or volunteer time

Potential New Member – someone who could potentially be a new member of a Greek organization

Ritual – the which is revealed during initiation , the secret meaning that binds an organization

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