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Virtual Parent Information Session

There will be a virtual parents information session at the beginning of the recruitment process in the spring 2022 semester.  Details will be posted in December of 2021.  


Commonly Asked Questions

How will my student benefit from joining?

Sororities and fraternities are rooted in founding principles that foster academic achievement, student involvement, community service, and lifelong friendships.  Greek organizations are groups of men and women who come together to form a personal network of individuals with similar ideas, interests, and mutual pursuit of a well rounded college education.  According to campus policies, each member of all organizations has certain expectations to fulfill which are as follows:

  • One academic workshop per semester
  • One on campus community Service project
  • One off-campus community service project
  • Four leadership workshops
  • Two leadership retreats

What is the financial obligation?

  • Sorority Dues: National Average: $400
  • Sorority Local Average: $250 (Alpha Kappa Phi, Pi Delta Chi, Sigma Gamma Phi)
  • Fraternity: $500

How will joining affect my student’s academics?

Sororities and fraternities serve as a great resource of students academically through study hours, tutors, and academically based workshops.  There is a minimum 2.50 GPA required to participate in Greek recruitment and remain an active member. 

Who is in charge of overseeing the fraternities and sororities?

Individual chapters elect officers to manage the day to day operation of the organization.  These officers are assisted by advisors who are members of the Oneonta staff and/or faculty. Angie Eichler serves as the campus Greek Advisor.

How much of a time commitment is a fraternity or sorority?

Oneonta has a zero-tolerance hazing policy, consistent with New York State law. Hazing includes any activity that subjects members to harassment, ridicule, intimidation, physical exhaustion, abuse, or mental distress. Hazing has no place in SUNY Oneonta’s recognized Greek community. If you suspect that your student may be being hazed as a result of fraternity or sorority membership, you should contact the office of Greek Life immediately, and disciplinary action against a Greek organization for violating the Code of Rights and Responsibilities for Greek Social Letter Organizations will be taken.

Office of Greek Life: (607) 436-3591
Confidential Hazing Hotline: (607) 436-2410

Is there a lot of alcohol and substance abuse associated with fraternities and sororities?

The social aspect of Greek life is one of the reasons many students get involved in fraternities and sororities; however alcohol and substance abuse is not tolerated. Most organizations have mandatory educational sessions on the dangers of substance abuse. SUNY Oneonta is committed to values which are contrary to inappropriate and dangerous behavior. The fraternity and sorority community has and will continue to be a supportive environment for its members to challenge and support students in making good choices, particularly when it comes to the social aspects of collegiate life.

When is my student eligible to join?

Students are eligible to join when:

  • They are a full time student with 12 credit hours completed
  • They reach the minimum GPA requirement of 2.50
  • First semester freshman may not join a Greek lettered organization, but may attend recruitment events

How will joining a chapter benefit my student after college?

  • Lifelong friendships
  • Networking for jobs and internships
  • Valuable leadership experience
  • Community service experience

Your Role as a Family Member:

  • Encourage your son/daughter to attend as many campus events as possible. The best way to meet Greek members is by becoming involved.
  • Be supportive and learn as much as you can about Greek Life by asking questions of your student as he/she begins the recruitment process.
  • Keep in mind that there are financial obligations and determine who will be responsible for them.
  • Don’t pressure your son/daughter into joining a particular fraternity or sorority, let them make their own decision.

Statement on Unrecognized Organization

Being part of a fraternity or sorority can be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have while at college. Unfortunately, there are some groups that are not affiliated with the State University at Oneonta that still try to recruit students We strongly discourage students from attending events or affiliating with any group that is not officially recognized by the college.

If you concerned that your child is thinking about or is already in the process of joining an unrecognized organization, please contact the Office of Greek Life (607) 436-3591.

For more information on this topic, check out the "Recognized VS. Unrecognized" page.

**All unrecognized affiliations are not endorsed or supported by SUNY Oneonta, Recognized Greek Life, or by the community**

Quick Facts

  • Since 1910, 85% of the Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • Nationally, 71% of all Greeks graduate, while only 50% of non-Greeks graduate
  • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks
  • Both women elected to the U.S. Supreme Court were sorority members
  • Less than 2% of an average college students expenses go towards Greek membership dues
  • Fraternities and Sororities represent the rich diversity of the campus population
  • Greeks have significantly higher incomes than non-Greeks
  • Greeks raise over 7 million dollars for their philanthropies and charitable causes each year
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