Tutorial Videos

Personal Information

Primary Contact email update - information on how a student can update parent/guardian, spouse, or other primary contact email addresses


Request an Enrollment Verification - how to request an enrollment verification through web services. This document is proof of registration for a specified semester and is often requested by Scholarships and Insurance Companies.

Search Schedule of Classes - how to search for courses by instructional method, as well as by other criteria

Course Registration Instruction - information on how to register for classes through web services.

College Scheduler - use this services to help you select classes that best fit your schedule.

Course Pre-requisites via myOneonta - how to find a pre-requisite for a course when registering for classes

Course Pre-requisites via Open/Closed Class Search - how to find a pre-requisite for a course prior to registration

Dropping a course via myOneonta - how to drop a course on the web

Digital Forms Workflow process - how to initiate Registrar related forms, approve/deny a request, as well as review the approval/denial stage of the request


Degree Works


Midterm Grades look up - how to check your midterm grades

Faculty Grade Change Request - how to submit a grade change request electronically

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