PLACES Institute


The PLACES (Program for Local Area Community and Environmental Sciences) Institute was established in 2019. It has four main functions, represented by divisions. The first two correspond to research activities and have assigned directors. The other two are an outlet for publications and outreach, as well as efforts related to education and training opportunities. The two research divisions have associated projects that will vary over time. Some of the products of this research will appear in the publications of the institute. The education and training division will host various initiatives that are aimed at disseminating some of the expertise and research products of the institute.


Alexander Thomas, Executive Director

Gregory Fulkerson, Director of Environmental Demography

James Zians, Director of Community Health and Evaluation


COVID Research Consortium

The Intermountain COVID-19 Impact Consortium (ICIC) is conducting inductive research that seeks to identify broad systemic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the local region.

Visit the ICIC Website 

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