Academic Probation and Dismissal - Matriculated Students

Approved by the Provost
Fall 2005

Policy Contact
Membership of the Committee consists of the division deans, two representatives from the Office of Student Affairs, the Registrar, the Director of Special Programs, and five faculty members appointed by the Provost. A student may appeal in writing, a decision of the Committee, but students do not meet with the Committee.

Policy Statement

Any student whose cumulative grade point average (established by grades earned at Oneonta) falls below 2.00 is either placed on academic probation or dismissed from the college.

The following cumulative grade point averages are used to identify students who are subject to routine dismissal for academic reasons. These may not necessarily apply in instances in which the student’s most recent semester average is above 2.00:

  • First semester freshmen: 1.25 or higher overall GPA
  • First semester transfers: 1.50 or higher overall GPA
  • All second semester students: 1.75 or higher overall GPA
  • All other students: 2.00 or higher overall GPA

Note: Transfer grades are not used in the calculation of the overall GPA.

These minimum retention standards supersede any previously published standards and became effective in fall 2005.


Students may be dismissed for failure to maintain academic progress even if they achieve the above cumulative grade point averages or a cumulative average of 2.00 if in the judgment of the Committee on Student Progress and Status their performance is insufficient for retention. Students need not be on probation before being dismissed.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students, and all courses independent of modality (classroom-based, blended, online) or schedule type (lecture, lab, independent study, etc.).


The Committee on Student Progress and Status reviews the records of undergraduate students who are making unsatisfactory progress at the end of each academic period. The Committee may decide to dismiss, place on probation, continue on probation, or declare a student ineligible to register until certain conditions are met. The Committee also considers applications for readmission or reinstatement, waivers of degree or residency requirements, and appeals from earlier decisions.

Students dismissed for academic deficiencies may submit a written appeal. This appeal must be submitted to the chair of the Student Progress and Status Committee who issued the dismissal letter and should contain a report of clearly documented extenuating circumstances contributing to poor academic performance. An academic dean will present the appeal to the Committee on Student Progress and Status. Students dismissed for academic deficiencies will not be considered for readmission before the passage of at least one calendar year following dismissal and completion of at least 12 semester hours of academic coursework at another college with a grade point average of at least 2.50.

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