Policies A to Z

Academic Grievance Policy - Graduate Students

Academic Grievance Policy - Undergraduate Students

Academic Probation and Dismissal - Matriculated Students

Admission and Enrollment of Students/Candidates Dismissed from a Prior College for Disciplinary Reasons

Awarding Posthumous Degrees

Building Temperature Policy

Card Access Security System Records Policy

Cash Handling and Payment Collection Policy

Change of Major

Child Protection Policy

Code of Student Conduct

Commencement Ceremony Participation Policy

Communicating the Death of a Campus Community Member

Confidentiality Policy

Consensual Relationship Policy

Continuous Enrollment Policy

Contract Renewal, Continuing Appointment, and Promotion - Teaching Faculty (Fall 2022)

Contract Renewal, Continuing Appointment, and Promotion - Teaching Faculty (Pre-Fall 2022)

Course Inactivation Policy

Course Repeat Policy - Graduate Students

Credit Card Processing and Handling Security Policy

Credit Card Solicitation to Students

Cross Registration Policy

Declaration of More Than One Major

Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures

Distance Education Policy

Drone Policy - Operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems Within University Airspace

Drop for Non‐Payment Policy

Electronic Signature Policy

Electronic Transcript Acceptance Policy

Emeritus Status

Excused Absences

External Law Enforcement Policy

Externally Funded Grant and Contract Administration

Facilities Use Policy

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

Fundraising and Solicitation Policy

Grade Submission Policy

Grading Policies

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Faculty Appointment Policy

Granting of Two Baccalaureate Degrees

ID Card Data Policy

ID Number Policy

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Inclement Weather Policy

Independent Study Policy – Graduate Students

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Information Technology Procurement Policy

Information Technology Security Program

Institutional FERPA Policy Statement

Interim Progress Reports - Graduate Students

Interim Progress Reports - Undergraduate Students

Internal Control Program

Leaves and Withdrawals

Maximum Credit Per Term Policy – Graduate Students

Maximum Credit Per Term Policy - Undergraduate Students

Maximum Credits Permitted in Discipline Areas

Meals and Refreshments Policy

Media Engagement Policy

Microcredential Policy

Mobile Device Policy

Neighborhood Relations Policy

Nepotism Policy

No Idling Policy

Non-Academic Leaves – Graduate Students

Non-Academic Leaves – Undergraduate Students

Off-Campus Housing Services - Regulations

Off-Campus Living and Address Policy

On Campus Housing Alcohol Policy

Outdoor Spaces by Third Party Speakers

Open Access Policy

Password Policy

Patch Management and System Updates Policy

Paycheck Distribution Policy

Payment Card Processing and Handling Policy

Policy on Department Acceptance of Students to a Major

Policy on Policies

Posting & Advertising on Campus

Prior Felony Conviction Policy

Procurement Lobbying Policy and Procedure

Property Management

Registered Student Group Policy

Response to Bias Acts and Hate Crimes

Responsible Conduct in Research Policy

Retention Standards – Graduate Students

Return to Learn Concussion Policy

Scholarship Policy

Scientific Misconduct Policy

Secure Computer Desktop Policy

Service and Assistance Animals in Campus Housing

Shared-Resource Courses Policy

Social Media Policy

Student Access to Campus Buildings

Survey Policy

Time Limit for Completing Degree Requirements - Graduate Students

Transfer Credits - Graduate Students

University Sponsored Student Travel Policy

University Style Policy

Upper-Division Credit Requirement

Urgent Message Policy

Use of Vehicles for University Business Policy

Visiting Research Scholar

VPN Policy

Weapons Policy

Website Policy

Web Privacy Policy

Wireless Communication Policy

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