Change of Major

Approved by the Provost

Policy Contact
Chair(s) of the major department(s) concerned
Director of Academic Advisement


Requests for change of major are made on a standard request form available in the Academic Advisement Center. Approval is required by the chair(s) of the major department(s) concerned and the completed form is submitted to the Director of Academic Advisement. When a student transfers from one curriculum to another, the academic record is evaluated on the basis of the new program requirements. This may result in a loss of credit or an effective loss of credit; i.e., completion of program requirements may increase the total number of hours required for graduation. In general, it is the practice to approve a change of major only if the student has at least a 2.00 average in the field to which the transfer is to be made. There are some exceptions, for example, the Education Department requires a GPA of 2.80.

If a degree student wishes to transfer from one program or major to another (e.g., from Childhood Education to Literacy) a written request must be submitted to the Graduate Office.

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