Course Repeat Policy - Graduate Students

Effective Dates
Approved by the President on 3/11/2022

Office of the Provost
(607) 436-2517

Policy Statement

Matriculated graduate students may be permitted to repeat up to two graduate courses in which they have not earned the minimum satisfactory grade. Each course may be repeated only once, and the course repeat must be approved by the program director/department chair. The transcript will reflect both courses and grades; only the higher grade will be calculated in the grade point average. Credit will be granted only once. For courses that can be taken for credit more than once, the repeat rule will be applied only after the maximum credits are achieved unless otherwise approved by the Committee on Student Progress and Status. Approval does not guarantee immediate availability of the course to be repeated. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding the impact of repeating courses on financial aid eligibility.


  1. This policy change clarifies eligibility for repeating a course, changing the language from B- to minimum satisfactory grade as some courses have higher minimum standards.
  2. This policy balances the need for academic rigor with recognition that extenuating circumstances should be taken into account.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to graduate students

Policy Elaboration





Course repeats at the graduate level must be approved by the program director/department chair.
Appeals to the policy (i.e., number of courses repeated, number of times an individual course can be repeated) must be addressed through the Student Progress Committee.



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