Credit Card Solicitation to Students

Approved by the President

Policy Contact
Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:
Office of Student Affairs
607 436-2513

Policy Statement

Credit card solicitation to students on campus is prohibited.


Because of concerns about students generating high levels of credit card debt that can adversely affect their financial situation in the present and future, numerous safeguards have been put into place. These include the regulations in New York State Education Law § 6437 and the federal Credit CARD Act of 2009. Best practices for schools suggest that prohibiting the solicitation of credit cards to students on campus is the best safeguard.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to any credit card vendors who want to solicit credit card applications from students on campus.

Policy Elaboration

This policy prohibits any vendor from contacting students on campus in residence halls, in buildings, or on any campus property.

Definitions / Procedures

All regulations that apply to the operation of credit card vendors on campus will be deleted from SUNY Oneonta publications and a statement about the prohibition of soliciting credit cards will be inserted.

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