Drop for Non‐Payment Policy

Approved by the President

Policy Contact
Student Accounts Office

Policy Statement

All students are required to meet their financial obligation to SUNY Oneonta by “clearing” their bill before the start of each semester. This involves accepting a statement of financial responsibility, claiming financial aid credits, and paying any billed balance by the designated due date. Registration, room assignment, and financial aid awards (as appropriate) will be canceled for all students who do not meet this obligation by a published date, making class seats and other resources available to other students.


SUNY Oneonta resources, including class seats (registration), on‐campus housing, and financial aid eligibility are available to those students who confirm attendance and meet their financial obligations by clearing their student bill on time. It is assumed that those who do not clear their bill are not planning to attend, therefore resources are reallocated to benefit other students. This practice identifies students who do not plan to return but have not officially withdrawn as well as those who are not able to meet financial obligations.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy is applicable to all student groups: undergraduate, graduate, and non‐degree students.

Policy Elaboration

A protocol of notification strategies will be followed to ensure that all students are informed of the policy before any registration or services are dropped.


Clearing the student bill – the process by which a student provides final confirmation of attendance and accepts financial responsibility for a particular semester by signing the Affirmation Statement and making appropriate payment by the published due date. This can be done via the online bill or paper bill.


Registration and services will not be dropped without advance notification to the student. Each student whose bill is not cleared by the published due date will be notified by mail that his/her course registration, room assignment, and financial aid (as applicable) will be canceled unless the bill is cleared by the designated late payment date. Accounts will be assessed the late payment fee during this period. When the late payment date has passed, SUNY Oneonta personnel will call and email each person whose bill remains not cleared. Students will be advised as follows:

  • Those who are returning will have their registration extended until the first day of class and will be dropped before the end of the add/drop period if their bill is not cleared
  • Those who are not returning will be advised to file official withdrawal documents
  • Those who are not reachable or do not respond to contact attempts will be de‐registered previous to new student registration in order to make course seats available to other students Students who desire to register after their courses are dropped must clear the bill (including the late payment fee and late registration fee) before their enrollment status will be updated to allow registration in open courses. Courses must be added according to add/drop procedures and there is no guarantee that the original courses/schedule will be available. Re‐enrollment will not be permitted after the fifth week of class.
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