Graduate Assistantships

Approved by the Provost on 1/11/2022

Policy Contact
(607) 436-2517

Policy Statement

SUNY Oneonta is able to offer assistantships to some graduate students enrolled in a degree program and taking a minimum of 9 credits in the fall and spring semesters. Previously appointed graduate assistants may take fewer credits in their final semester if a lower load is approved by their program. Assistantships include tuition waivers and stipends. Interested applicants should contact specific departments for additional information.


This policy clarifies eligibility for consideration for a graduate assistantship. It eliminates use of the term full-time in defining eligibility, which had proved confusing.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to graduate students

Policy Elaboration


Full-time. A student registered for at least 12 s.h. of coursework in a Fall or Spring semester is classified as a full-time student in that semester. Students enrolled in 6 s.h. or more in the Summer term(s) are classified as full-time students. Graduate students should be aware that most types of financial aid require that the student is classified as a full-time student.


  • Chairs/program directors should complete a needs analysis and make a request for GA's by October of the fall semester to the appropriate dean. The needs analysis is part of budget process.
  • After the budget is approved, the programs should be notified of the positions they will have available. This will allow for appointment of positions during the recruitment process.
  • Selection of GAs, including application process, will be handled on the departmental/program level.



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