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Approved by the President

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Office of Global Education
SUNY Oneonta
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Oneonta, New York 13820
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Policy Statement:

All international visiting research scholars, whether short- or long-term as defined by the SUNY Exchange Visitor Guide for Campuses and irrespective of visa status or country of origin, must be approved by SUNY Oneonta. The process is initiated through the International Visiting Research Scholar Application form available from the Office of Global Education.


The campus must have local guidelines and an approval process to appraise all responsible parties of expectations; demonstrate budgetary and fiscal responsibility; foster appropriate educational benefits for the institution and its constituents; properly manage resources and risks, and meet SUNY policies and procedures for visiting research scholars.

Applicability of the Policy:

This policy applies to all visiting research scholars, SUNY Oneonta faculty, academic departments, and schools.

Policy Elaboration:

SUNY Oneonta recognizes the educational benefits of hosting international visiting research scholars and establishes this policy facilitate a positive experience for all parties. It ensures that both visiting research scholar and the institutional hosts are fully cognizant of expectations, responsibilities, obligations, and any potential liability.

There are five parties primarily responsible for a visiting research scholar: The visiting research scholar, the sponsoring Oneonta faculty member, the institution’s department chair, the dean of the school, and the campus-designated Exchange Visitor Advisor (EVA) official. Each plays a critical role in the effort.

Although a standard application is required, each visiting research scholar proposal is unique and therefore necessitates individual assessment by the host campus faculty member, department chair, and dean.

While some international research scholars will require DS2019 (J-1 visas) for entry into the US, others will not. However, each visiting research scholar must comply with all policy requirements. The approval process can require extensive lead time and therefore applicants should submit required documents at least 120 days in advance of proposed visiting scholar appointment date. The university official responsible for final approval of the proposal is the provost or her/his designee.


Conflict of interest: A situation in which financial or other personal considerations have the potential to compromise or bias professional judgment and objectivity. DS2019: This document, issued by SUNY Global (J1), is the Certification of Eligibility inviting exchange visitors to the US. EVA: Exchange Visitor Advisor is the designation for the institution’s official responsible for all immigration and visa regulations of the visiting exchange scholar. International visiting research scholar: A scholar from an educational, research, governmental or other institution that is outside of the United States or U.S. territories or possessions who visits a host university where he/she is expected to teach, lecture, or perform research on the subject matter for which the visitor is valued.


STEP ONE: The Oneonta “host-sponsoring” faculty member has responsibility for the visiting international research scholar, including the application and approval process. Therefore, it is the host faculty member’s responsibility to submit the completed International Visiting Research Scholar Application form to his / her department chairperson. Attached to the application must be information addressing the following:

Background information on the proposed visitor, including vitae and identification of home organization (e.g., educational, research, governmental or other institution) Purpose of the visit / specific scholarly plans and work while at Oneonta Length of proposed visit VISA status Language proficiency How visit will enhance the Oneonta academic community, including specified goals, objectives, expected outcomes, and assessment Financial support of the visitor, including housing, health insurance, transportation A conflict of interest disclosure with respect to commercial interest in the research for the visiting scholar’s home organization, any financial relationship of the faculty host with the visiting scholar’s home organization, and /or any government-sponsored research Consent to full compliance with the SUNY Oneonta Responsible Conduct in Research Policy Institutional resources required to host the visitor (office space, office supplies, computer, laboratory, library, email account/access, television camera/equipment, musical instrument(s), transportation, vehicle, boat, or any others)

Plans for acclimation of visitor

STEP TWO: When approved and signed by the department chairperson, the application is submitted by chair or host faculty member to the dean of the school for approval.

STEP THREE: Upon approval by the dean, the application is forwarded to the Office of Global Education.

Host faculty member meets with designated campus Exchange Visiting Advisor (EVA) of the Office of Global Education regarding issues of visas, immigration, host and visiting faculty member responsibilities, institutional liability, etc.

STEP FOUR: EVA approval is forwarded to the associate provost or provost for final approval. The associate provost or provost issues the letter of invitation/appointment.

STEP FIVE: If required, J-1 and other required documents are submitted by the Office of Global Education to SUNY System.


SUNY Oneonta may require the visiting research scholar to remit a fee in order to defray the costs of processing the application and use of campus resources during the period of the visit. Requirements will be stated in the letter of invitation.


Both the U.S Department of State (DOS) and the State University of New York (SUNY) require international faculty visitors to have medical insurance coverage during their stay in the U.S. Requirements will be stated in the letter of invitation.


Other conditions and requirements will be stated in the letter of invitation.


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