Maximum Credit Per Term Policy – Graduate Students

Approved by the president
May 7, 2022

Policy Contact
Office of the Provost
(607) 436-2517

Policy Statement

The maximum number of credits for which a matriculated graduate student may register varies by semester or term.

During a spring or fall semester, the maximum is 16 credits.

During winter term, the maximum is four credits.

During summer session, maximum enrollment across all summer sessions is 13 credits. No more than four credits may be taken in any summer session less than three weeks in duration. No more than six credits may be taken in any one five-week summer session.
A student may request to take more than the maximum as stated herein by submitting an appeal to the Committee on Student Progress and Status.


Spring and fall limit is increased from 15 to 16 to allow for four (4) 4-credit courses or three (3) 3-credit courses plus one (1) 1-credit course.
Summer session limit now includes a maximum of all sessions as well as maximums for individual sessions.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to graduate students.

Policy Elaboration




Appeals to this policy will be considered by the Committee on Student Progress and Status following a written request.

Forms - None


Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:
(607) 436-2517

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Effective Dates

Approved by the President on 5/7/2022

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