Maximum Credits Permitted in Discipline Areas

Policy Statement

Students are permitted a maximum of 60 s.h. in the department of the major for a B.A. and a B.S., and 90 s.h. for a B.F.A.

Exception: Majors in the department/schools of Human Ecology; Economics & Business; Foreign Languages; English; Mathematics, Comp. Sci & Stats; and Communications may have no more than 60 s.h. in any one discipline.

Policy Elaboration


A student may accumulate as many as 75 semester hours in any one of the academic departments offering the subject matter areas listed below, toward the 120 semester hours total degree requirement.

  • Communication Studies, Theater, Media Studies
  • Literature, Linguistics, Composition
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics Education
  • Human Ecology
  • Food and Nutrition, Fashion and Textiles, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Each of the Foreign Languages

Students majoring in the Division of Economics and Business may accumulate as many as 71 semester hours in coursework offered by the Division.

Thus, a student may complete 75 semester hours in the English Department but must keep within the limit in any of the three subject/disciplines (max 60 semester hours Literature; 60 semester hours Linguistics; 60 Composition). In this same context, provision also is made for a student majoring in Adolescence Education: Social Studies to apply as many as 75 semester hours in the various social sciences toward the degree.

Note: No more than 30 s.h. of coursework offered through the Division of Economics and Business may be taken by students whose majors are outside of the Division.

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