Policy on Department Acceptance of Students to a Major

Approved by the Provost

Policy Statement

Students may make application for admission to a major upon their acceptance to SUNY Oneonta by the Admissions Office. Students should make an application before compiling 56 credits. Students are encouraged to declare their majors as soon as possible to avoid any delays in completing degree requirements in a timely manner. TAP-eligible students will be decertified if they have not declared a major by the time they earn 56 credits.

Within 30 days of receipt of the application, Departments and the Academic Advisement Center should notify the student of the action taken.

Policy Elaboration

Except as noted below, students will be accepted into the academic program of their choice, unless they have a record of substandard performance in their requested major field. This record may be at either the high school or college level depending on the time of application. (Examples of substandard performance: low high school average and/or low test scores in the area of the major, college grades in the major which would preclude retention in that major.)

Students are placed under the major requirements of the most recent Catalog. Students with majors in the Divisions of Education and Economics and Business are responsible for completing the degree requirements in place at the time of their graduation.


A form is secured from the Academic Advisement Center.

After the appropriate department chair has signed the form, it is returned to the Academic Advisement Center where the information is duly recorded. Distribution of copies is made from the Office of Academic Advisement.

Admission and Department Designation Procedures for Transfer Students

The Admissions Office admits students to majors as requested, in consultation with academic department chairs. Admission to specific majors may be based on academic history.

The Admissions Office evaluates transfer credit for transfer students in accordance with course-by-course articulation as determined by departments.

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