Procurement Lobbying Policy and Procedure

Approved by the President

Policy Contact
Finance and Administration


Policy Statement

All vendor contact during procurement restricted periods will be directed to a single campus contact, who will record all contacts made, restrict conversation to bid-applicable information only, and submit contact information for review prior to the signing of a contract.


Procurement lobbying legislation (State Finance Law Sections 139-j and 139-k) was enacted effective Jan. 1, 2006 that limits our contact with vendors during the period of time we announce our intention to make a purchase through the date the contractor is selected and a final contract signed for all procurements in excess of $15,000.

Applicability of Policy

This policy will apply to all purchases in excess of $15,000 made from State funds.

Policy elaboration and procedures:

In accordance with the guidelines established by SUNY on February 6, 2006

Memorandum from D. Andrew Edwards, the Campus will take the following actions:

a) The law applies to all procurements in excess of $15,000. The Restricted Period is defined as:

  • For purchases between $15,000 - $20,000: the period written quotes have been requested for consideration of a purchase through the selection of a vendor.
  • For purchases of $20,000 or more: the date an item or service is placed in the Contract Reporter and ending on the date the resulting contract is signed by the selected vendor.

b) For each RFP/IFB, the Purchasing Office and campus staff member requesting the purchase will decide who will be assigned as the official Campus Contact for that bid. The Campus Contact will be clearly identified in the bid documents and in the Contract Reporter listing.

c) A paragraph regarding this section of the State Finance Law will be added to each bid document, as will appropriate SUNY forms A, B, and C.

d) All calls from any vendor during the Restricted Period regarding the bid or the item or service to be procured will be referred to the Campus Contact.

e) The Campus Contact during the Restricted Period will only answer questions to enable the vendor to complete a bid or to determine whether the vendor is eligible to bid.

f) The Campus Contact will not meet with any vendor during the Restricted Period unless it is a formal Vendor Presentation as required or requested in the bid document.

g) The Campus Contact will not accept any item or service related to this bid from a vendor during the Restricted Period unless it is information pertaining only to the bid and presented as part of the formal bid package or a formal Vendor Presentation as requested or required in the bid document.

h) The Campus Contact will keep a record of each vendor call during the Restricted Period, (form D attached) and will submit the full record to the Purchasing Office upon selection of a vendor.

i) The Office of Finance & Administration will review and investigate the Contact record prior to sending Contract for signature to the selected vendor.


Form D Record of Contact

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