Registered Student Group Policy

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Policy Contact
Robb Thibault
Hunt Union

Policy Statement

SUNY Oneonta’s mission is to “nurture a community where students grow intellectually, thrive socially, and live purposefully.” This policy supports the mission by allowing students to form groups of shared interest outside of recognized Student Association organizations or Greek Life fraternities and sororities. These students may apply to register their groups with SUNY Oneonta and to reserve campus space for meetings and events.


SUNY Oneonta reserves the right to manage the process of registration in order to manage risk; ensure compliance by collecting standard membership lists, having approved campus advisors; and ensure only approved campus community members have access to the Event Management System (EMS) to pursue activities that are consistent with the institution's values and mission.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all student organizations at SUNY Oneonta and includes honor societies, leadership/service groups, or any eligible organization not recognized by the Student Association or Greek Life.

Policy Elaboration

Student groups desiring to register should apply annually through SUNY Oneonta's organizational management system. Approval will be authorized by the Director of Student Life and Leadership/Hunt Union. Name and contact information of student leaders from registered student groups will be shared with the Assistant Director of Business Services in order to update user groups in EMS.

Registered student groups who are approved by SUNY Oneonta and remain active have the right to reserve rooms and spaces for meetings, information tables, and approved low risk fundraisers at no cost. If these groups, however, aim to plan and serve as the primary sponsor of events using campus facilities and grounds then they must proceed through the non-revocable permit process and show proof of insurance. This minimizes risk to the institution. Room fees can be waived at the discretion of SUNY Oneonta. Costs for event insurance are the responsibility of the registered student group.


Event Management System (EMS): the online software for reserving rooms and facilities on campus
Honor Societies: student groups which are connected with academic departments and which recognize academic or other exceptional achievement and which may, or may not have national affiliations.

Service Societies: student groups which are connected with the institution through historical ties and have national affiliations: Alpha Phi Omega (APO).
Non-revocable permit process: While this usually applies to non-campus groups wishing to reserve campus facilities for non-commercial purposes (campus events); registered student groups need to file a Permit Application Form with the assistance of the administrator /reservationist of the facility being requested for anything other than meetings, information tables, or approved low risk fundraisers. Event organizers from the registered student group must also secure a qualifying permit and insurance. The Morris Conference Center issues permits and provides a final review of all permits prior to their approval by the Controller in Finance and Administration.

Student Association (SA) Recognized Clubs and Organizations: are approved via formal petition and application process; these groups are insured by the SA and have access to funding, vans/vehicles, support services and other privileges. They include curriculum clubs, cultural enrichment organizations, musical and performance organizations, special interest and recreational groups, and men’s and women’s intramural sports. Only organizations that are open to all students (all-comers) qualify for SA Recognition per SUNY Board of Trustees’ Policy. The SA also does not recognize organizations that duplicate existing organizations or services per their policy.

Recognized Greek Life (fraternities and sororities): are approved via formal application process and recognition process as outlined in the Greek Code. These groups receive access to funding, support services, and other privileges. Students who are interested in establishing new fraternities and sororities must go through this process.

*Registered Student Group: Students groups who choose not or cannot be recognized Student Association organizations may form and apply annually as groups of shared interest. These student groups once approved have the right to reserve campus space for meetings. If they desire to be the sole sponsor of events on campus, they must follow the non-revocable permit process and carry insurance.

Agency Account Services: Approved registered student groups will be offered agency accounts by the Student Association for financial transactions including deposits from fund raising and purchases of supplies and materials for group activities. They must follow all SA policies and procedures.

Registered Student Groups who participate in athletic orientated activities (club sports):

Registered Student Groups who participate in athletic orientated activities (club sports) will be insured and provide proof of insurance naming SUNY ONEONTA as included each year. Such groups are required to have at least one trained safety officer whose responsibilities include:

  1. Having completed a certified athletic first aid course
  2. Having completed a certified concussion training course
  3. Ensuring that all organization members who participate in competition have completed the Registered Student Club Sports Participation Form.
  4. Ensuring the organization has appropriate first aid materials available at events/practices
  5. Having contact information for Emergency Medical Services for the jurisdiction in which the events/practices take place
  • These groups are expected to ensure they have at least one safety officer present at all events/ practices
  • Registered Student Club Sports Team must have either a certified athletic trainer or OSES present at any athletic competition
  • The costs for on-line safety/first-aid training for safety officers, OSES and certified athletic trainers will be the responsibility by each Registered Student Club Sports Team.


  1. Students who wish to register their groups will do so online via SUNY Oneonta's organizational management system. Only currently enrolled SUNY Oneonta students can be members of a registered student group.
  2. The application process for first time groups is conducted annually during the fall semester between September 1st and November 1st. Students submitting documentation after November 1st are not eligible until the following year. A group must have a minimum of five enrolled student members to register and three enrolled students to maintain registration. Registered student groups may, if there is continued interest, re- apply annually via SUNY Oneonta’s organizational management system, and will be approved provided group and roster information is current and correct.
  3. All SUNY Oneonta registered student groups must have an advisor. The advisor must be a fulltime faculty or staff member of SUNY Oneonta. Verification will be done via email.
  4. Prospective Registered Student Groups who submit incomplete, fraudulent or inaccurate documentation will not be eligible until the following year, or beyond at the discretion of the Director of Student Life and Leadership/Hunt Union.
  5. Application documents will be subject to review and verification prior to approval. Approved registered student groups will have access to campus space for meetings and some fundraising activities. Approved SUNY Oneonta registered student groups must be aware that SUNY Oneonta is not responsible for holding any monies for the organization. The SUNY Oneonta Student Association will provide agency account services for approved and authorized registered student groups at no cost but the group must follow all SA policies and procedures. Registered student groups are not covered by the SA insurance policy or tax exemption. If requested the SA will assist student groups with access to create a page on SUNY Oneonta’s organizational management system.
  6. Applications will be approved or denied by the Director of Student Life and Leadership/Hunt Union.
  7. Changes in a student group’s roster or advisor must be reflected each semester and updated in SUNY Oneonta's organizational management system.


Online Registration Student Group Form
Registered Student Club Sports Participation Form

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