Upper-Division Credit Requirement

Approved by the President
Effective for all undergraduate students beginning with the catalog requirements of Fall 2019.

Policy Contact
Office of the Provost
(607) 436-2517

Title of Policy

Upper-Division Credit Requirement

Policy Statement

A student must successfully complete at least 45 semester hours in upper-division courses to be eligible for a bachelor’s degree.


The SUNY standard for upper-division coursework for a bachelor’s degree is a minimum of 45 s.h. Student learning in bachelor’s degree programs should entail progression in the rigor and depth of learning correlating to successively higher levels of study in coursework.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all SUNY Oneonta undergraduate students.

Policy Elaboration

All courses, institutional and transfer, identified as upper-division apply toward this degree requirement.


Any course at the 3000 level or higher is an upper-division course.


Degree Works and the SUNY Oneonta Catalog will be updated to reflect the change in credit requirements.

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