Psychology Major

Using virtual reality for research
Psychology lab research examining body responses to stimuli in virtual reality games
Students hooking up a virtual reality device to another student for research.
Student research assistants in Assistant Professor Katherine Lau’s psychology lab participate in a training session on physiology equipment.


SUNY Oneonta’s psychology program provides a theoretical and practical background in psychology designed to prepare you for graduate school and a wide range of careers. Approximately one-third of our psychology graduates pursue graduate studies in psychology and related fields.


Special opportunities include teaching assistantships, off-campus internships and independent study projects, working closely with a faculty member in small groups. Recent research projects have been conducted in the areas of perception, verbal learning, implicit memory, early memory, visual imagery, communication, social psychology, perceptual styles, anxiety disorders, psychoneuroendocrinology, social cognition, stereotype and prejudice, adult development and aging, personality and aggression, gender cognitions, parenting and parent-child relations, health promotion, and behavior change.

Student Organizations

Two student organizations, the Psychology Club and Psi Chi (national honor society for psychology) chapter, arrange visits to educational and professional institutions, conduct workshops and panels, bring in speakers and organize trips to regional or national conferences, where students pursuing independent study projects have presented posters and papers.


Psychology Department
161 Fitzelle Hall


Tiaria Gaines
Being a psychology major, you're not limited to anything. There's a lot that you can do. I came in as a biology major at first, and as soon as I took my Intro to Psych class, it drew me in. That's all I needed, and it was just amazing to learn different things and then actually apply that knowledge to real life. Everyone should take a psychology class. Your mind and your world will be blown.
Nadina Espinosa
The moment I stepped on campus, I knew I belonged here. I love that I'm able to pursue what I want to do as a career – psychology – while also pursuing my passion for theater.
Ashley Mancino
I love telling the story of meeting my freshman-year roommate. We still live together now, and we have our first apartment together. When I first met her, it was over Facebook. We never met until our first night. … and we live together three years later!
Erika Scire
Psychology is the study of people, and I just find that so interesting. You get to learn about people from all different aspects and learn about brain development and how they think. When people think of psychology, they think of a person lying on a bed talking about their problems. But it's so much more than that, and it's so interesting to see in everyday life. I'm interning right now in the Office of New Student Services, and my research focus is freshman involvement and how to get freshmen involved, and it all comes back to psychology.
Tatyana Reese
Compared to some schools, you really get to know your professors here, and they get to know you. I refer to this place as home even though it isn’t really, because it just gives that vibe.
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