Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Integrity

Tutoring is not homework help, Grades must reflect the tutee’s own work, not the work of a tutor.

What SLC Tutors CAN’T Do

Tutoring is not homework help. The tutor may not help directly with any assignment, including homework, that will be graded or counted in any way toward the final grade for the tutee’s course.

What SLC Tutors CAN Do

The tutor will work with the tutee to help them grasp underlying concepts and practice solving similar problems so the tutee can build the knowledge and skills necessary to complete graded assignments on their own. For example, a tutor might work with the tutees on a developing a study guide that they can use throughout the semester. Or a tutor might help a tutee integrate information from various sources into their notes to increase the notes' usefulness.

Is tutoring guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a peer tutor for everyone who requests one. We encourage everyone who needs assistance to put in a request anyway. If we cannot provide a peer tutor (which happens, for example, with infrequently requested subjects), we will meet with you to discuss other services we can provide, such as Academic Coaching or writing assistance.

I need a tutor for a course. What do I do?

Students can sign up for a peer small-group tutoring appointment for one 50-minute session every week for the rest of the semester for some 100- and 200-level courses. Students are permitted a maximum of two peer tutors by appointment per semester for two different courses; students may meet for up to 50 minutes for each appointment. Appointments are held in small tutoring groups that meet weekly at the same time.

Some courses (those in highest demand, mostly) are tutored exclusively in the "drop-in" format, and we do not provide appointments for those subjects.

Where can I find the Drop-In tutoring schedule?

Here you go!

I am not available at the time drop-in tutoring is available for my course. What do I do?

Please email us at SLC@ONEONTA.EDU. Note that it will not be possible to provide appointment-based tutoring in lieu of drop-in tutoring, but we may be able to find a time to offer another drop-in session.

Peer Tutoring is provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST to students

Peer tutoring is provided as a service for enrolled SUNY Oneonta students by Academic Affairs at no additional cost to the students.

I just filled out my request for a tutoring appointment. Will I be able to see a tutor tomorrow?

Appointment-based tutoring is not designed to handle emergencies. It is a long-term interaction meant to help students develop their understanding throughout the entire course.

Initial appointments are usually scheduled at least two days in advance so that everyone can be notified. Also, you may be required to attend an INTAKE appointment (see below for more information) before seeing a peer tutor.

Tutoring appointments will be held at the same time on the same day of the week for the remainder of the semester.

If it's a class that we tutor by drop-in (see above), you can come in during any of the posted hours for that subject. Please note that the students who find drop-in tutoring most useful are the ones who attend regularly.

What is an Intake appointment?

If you sign up for a peer tutor and are sent an email saying that you need to meet with one of our professional staff to discuss your needs, that means you're attending an intake appointment. A large percentage of tutees attend these meetings.

At that appointment, you'll be talking about your academic experiences. The professional staff member you meet with will talk about all your classes with you and talk about ways in which SLC might assist you in succeeding in general. AFTER you attend that meeting, you'll be assigned to your peer tutor(s).

Who are the peer tutors?

We hire peer tutors from among the student body. Tutors have completed the courses for which they are tutoring at SUNY Oneonta and have received a B+ or better in the course. All tutors complete a 2-hour training workshop before working with tutees, and they complete additional training throughout the time they work at SLC. All tutors are working toward completing National Tutoring Association (NTA) basic level certification.

I need help with study skills.

Don't know how to take good notes? Have trouble remembering what you've read? Go blank when you take a test? Don't know how to prepare for a test? Need help with writing? We know how to help!

Our professional Academic Coaches, can help you develop skills that will help you in a variety of courses. You can sign up for a study skills tutor by requesting Academic Coaching using the same application form you use for requesting a peer tutor for a class.

We offer credit-bearing study skills courses: PROF 120, College Learning Strategies; PROF 112, Study Skills: Resource Management; PROF 113, Study Skills: Academic Reading Strategies; and PROF 114 - Study Skills: Test Taking Strategies.

We also offer a series of study skills and writing workshops that provide LEAD credit. Sign up for one here

Can E.O.P / A.C.E. / C.A.M.P. Students use SLC tutoring?

Absolutely! Please note that there is an EOP tutoring program that is different from the SLC peer tutoring program. However, EOP, ACE and CAMP students are still welcome to use the SLC peer tutoring resources in addition to the EOP/ACE services.

If you want an SLC tutor, you will need to sign up for that service using the Tracktion website. 

How do I request a tutor?

If you want tutoring in one of the courses for which we offer drop-in tutoring, you just need to access the drop-in tutoring area in Microsoft Teams. 

If you want tutoring in a 100- or 200-level course for which drop-in tutoring is not available, you can request an appointment, and we will fulfill your request if a tutor is available.

To request appointment-based peer tutoring or academic coaching, you will use Tracktion, our online scheduling service. Use Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop to access this site -- DO NOT USE A PHONE or the Safari browser.

Be sure to fill out all the information screens; without all your information, we won't be able to assign you a tutor.

The matching process is not automatic. Your request is handled by a live human being. If we're able to provide a tutor for you, we will make the match as soon as we can.

Immediately after you complete the signup process in Tracktion, you should receive an email at the address you provided explaining what will happen next. If you don't receive an email within a few minutes, check your SPAM folder. If it's not there, you should call 607-436-3010.

Where is tutoring?

Due to Covid-19, all tutoring for Fall 2020 will be held online in Microsoft Teams.

What if I can't make it to my appointment one week?

If you're going to miss your appointment, you MUST notify your tutor in advance via your Oneonta email account. Twenty-four hours' notice of a cancelation is required. Failure to cancel 24 hours in advance will result in your session being marked a no-show. When you have two no-shows recorded, you will permanently lose your appointment for the semester and will not be permitted to reschedule.

I want to meet on the weekend because that's when I do my school work.

We only offer tutoring during the week.

My roommate gets tutoring in a group. I'm just going to come with her, is that okay?

Sorry, no. For appointment-based tutoring students must have an appointment. (Drop-in tutoring does not require an appointment. For a list of subjects tutored via drop-in tutoring, click here.)

I know one of the tutors, and that's who I want to tutor me.

Students may not choose their tutors.

What's the difference between peer and professional tutors?

A peer tutor is typically an undergraduate student who has taken the same course that you are taking now. A professional tutor (or Academic Coach) is typically a professional staff member at SLC who also teaches courses in their subject.

I'm ready to sign up!

Great! Go to the Tracktion website. Click on "I Need a Tutor" and fill out all the information on the screens.

Students requesting tutoring services will be asked to indicate that they understand the following policies:

  • Your professor is a good source for assistance in your course and should be the first person you consult for assistance. Please go to office hours.
  • Your professor may have a TA for the course who holds office hours for tutoring. Please ask the professor if there is a TA and attend TA office hours.
  • You may request up to two peer tutors for appointment-based tutoring. Peer tutors are other students who have taken the course. Peer tutors have training, and they did well in the course they’re tutoring for, but they may not remember everything from the course. They are, first and foremost, students. Again, attending office hours is an important thing to do in addition to seeking tutoring.
  • SLC will match you with a peer tutor if we have one available or are able to hire one.
  • When we don’t have a tutor already for the course you requested tutoring for, SLC will seek to locate, hire and train a peer tutor(s) for you if funding allows. Please realize that locating, hiring, and training a new peer tutor is sometimes a lengthy process, taking several weeks. There are times when we cannot locate or provide a qualified tutor.
  • SLC does not guarantee the availability of tutoring for all 100- and 200-level courses, even if the course is listed on our website.
  • PEER content-area tutors are not allowed to work on writing or assignments (including homework) that will be graded. Peer content tutors will work with you on the course concepts, readings, notes, practice problems, study guides, etc. 
  • If you need help with a writing assignment, please return to the main screen of Tracktion and choose “Writing Assistance,” and choose an appointment for a Writing Consultation.
  • Some 100- and 200-level courses are not listed for peer tutoring because SLC offers drop-in tutoring for them.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM SLC WITH YOUR APPOINTMENT. Appointment-matching is not an automatic process and sometimes takes several days due to space availability, so please continue to check your @oneonta.edu email.
  • Feel free to contact our office if you have not heard from us after 3 business days of requesting a tutor.
  • If you are going to miss your tutoring appointment you MUST contact your tutor 24 hours in advance. 
  • Once you’re assigned to meet with a tutor for an appointment, you are expected to meet at that time each week. If you have two unexplained absences, your appointment will be permanently canceled and cannot be rescheduled during that semester.

    Where is tutoring held?

    For Fall 2020, all peer tutoring and academic coaching will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate.

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