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Accessibility Resources (formerly Student Disability Services) is committed to creating an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities.

We partner with students, faculty, and other college resources to design accessible environments and to coordinate accommodations for eligible students under federal legislation. In doing so we affirm the worth of each individual and the spirit of diversity inherent in an inclusive college.

We encourage self-advocacy for students and will assist faculty in meeting the needs of all SUNY Oneonta students.

Accessibility Resources is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site.

General Information

Contacting Accessibility Resources

  • Visit us in-person in 133 Milne Library during our open hours 8:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:30.
  • Call us at (607)436-2137.
  • Email us at
  • Appointments will still be conducted virtually. Schedule an appointment through Accommodate or contact

Information for Students

Accommodations for Remote Learning

As we have transitioned to a hybrid learning environment, students with disabilities may face additional barriers to those they faced in a traditional classroom setting. Our responsibilities to provide individual academic adjustments or modifications in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and the NYS Human Rights remain unchanged. Some accommodations that applied before may not apply now, and some students may need new accommodations to continue to access their course content in this new environment. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we all adapt to this new situation.

You are still eligible for all accommodations regardless of how your class is being conducted. Be aware that the information below only applies to students with the accommodation mentioned and not necessarily all students registered with Accessibility Resources.

Exam Accommodations for Online Exams

Extended Time for Online exams
  • Students must submit a semester request each semester to authorize your professors to view your Accommodation Plan in order to use their exam accommodations. Visit our Accommodate Guides page for instructions.
  • If students would like to use exam accommodations for an online exam, it is their responsibility to request those accommodations for each and every exam or quiz directly through their professor. Do not assume extended time will be applied automatically.
  • The course instructor is responsible for providing extended time for all online exams and quizzes.
  • If an online exam or quiz does not include extended time, do not start the exam and contact the professor immediately.
Mask-to-Mask Exams
  • To request accommodations for a mask-to-mask exam you'd like to take in the Accessibility Resources exam lab, submit an exam request via Accommodate. Visit our Accommodate Guides page for instructions.
Exam Reader
  • Students with this accommodation are still eligible to have their exams read out loud using assistive technology.
  • One-on-one assistive technology appointments are available with our Assistive Technology Specialist, Alexa. Log in to Accommodate to schedule an appointment or email for general questions.

Assistive Technology

This situation is new for everyone and we realize that unexpected problems will likely arise. For questions about a specific technology or accessing course content, email as soon as possible.

Alternative Format
  • Students with the alternative format accommodation are still eligible to request alternative format textbooks and class materials via Accommodate.
  • Most class materials posted on Blackboard will automatically include alternative formats due to the Blackboard Ally tool.
  • Alternative Format training appointments are available to all registered students. Set up an appointment via Accommodate or email


For questions about notetaking accommodations, contact Accessibility Resources at or (607)436-2137.

Information for Faculty


Accommodate is our new online system where all Accommodation Plans and requests will originate. Each semester, your students with Accommodation Plans can submit a semester request through Accommodate to share their Accommodation Plan with you. One you have their plan, you will sign electronically to acknowledge you have received it. Visit our Accommodate Guides page for more information about processes in Accommodate.

Online Exams and Quizzes

  • Students eligible for extended time on exams and quizzes are still eligible for this accommodation in the online format. Students who wish to use this accommodation should request extended time directly through you via email before each exam.
  • Students requesting to take an exam in the Accessibility Resources exam lab should submit an exam request via Accommodate.
  • On Blackboard, you can extend time for individuals or groups. For help setting up an exam or quiz in Blackboard, contact the TLTC.
  • If using a platform other than Blackboard, consider any features that may be inaccessible.
  • All other exam accommodations, such as an exam reader, will be coordinated through the Accessibility Resources Office. Students may refer to the Assistive Technology tab or contact our office at with questions.

Teleconferencing and Lecture Capture Technology

Not all teleconferencing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Below are best practices to make sure students can fully engage in the online learning environment.

  • Identify any features that may be barriers for students and limit interactions with inaccessible features. (e.g. a survey tool that uses color as the only means of relaying information, teleconferencing than cannot be recorded or captioned after the lecture)
  • For classes meeting synchronously on a virtual platform, record the live meeting and post to Blackboard so students can revisit the lecture as needed.
  • For slide presentations, consider using Microsoft Office PowerPoint with the Presentation Translator Plug-in , or Google Slides with live captions.
  • As screen sharing occurs, audio description is needed to provide the important visual content to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Digital Content

As you put more content on Blackboard, establish a plan to prioritize making course materials and related technologies accessible to all learners. Below are best practices when posting digital content.

  • If you post a PDF, make sure it is searchable text and not just an image.
  • If you post a PowerPoint presentation, use larger size fonts and high-contrast color schemes. Avoid the use of color or animation to convey information.
  • If you post a video, check and see if it has intelligible captions. At minimum, use automatic caption features (e.g., YouTube) and improve accuracy as needed.
  • If you post audio, also share a written transcript. The Google Docs Voice Typing feature creates a transcript for you.
  • If you post photographs, graphs or other media, add alternative text to describe the image and its context.
  • Encourage students to use the Blackboard Ally tool.

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