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5 Reasons to Take a Summer Class at Oneonta

Get caught up

If you're worried that you may not finish your degree as quickly as you'd planned, a summer class could help you get back on track!

Get ahead

Make it easier on yourself later by getting a class you know you'll have to take out of the way now.

Get in

Take that class you got shut out of last semester. Intro to Creative Writing and History of Rock are just a few of the many high-demand courses offered during the summer. Browse courses now and begin planning your summer early.

Get hands-on

Through a variety of immersive learning experiences offered each summer.

Get comfortable

Attend class from the comfort of your own home -- no shoes required!

Summer classes are also...

Affordable: With an in-state tuition rate of $295 per credit hour, online courses are just as affordable as traditional courses at SUNY Oneonta -- and hundreds of dollars less than private-school tuition.

Efficient: Complete a three-credit class in three to five weeks!

Guaranteed: Classes are guaranteed to run; no cancellations!

Full of options: We have nearly 100 courses to choose from!

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Summer 2024 Schedule

Short Term I 3-weeks: May 20 - June 7
Short term II 3-weeks: July 8 - July 26
Session I 5-weeks: May 28 - June 28
Session II 5-weeks: July 8 - August 9
7-weeks: June 24 - August 9
Full term: May 20 - August 9

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