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The mission of the TLTC is to support the integration and effective use of technology in teaching and learning. The TLTC strives to facilitate collegial exchange about the implementation of educational technology. The TLTC strives to inspire, engage, and partner with faculty, academic staff, and campus functional groups to collaborate on initiatives. The Center provides training, resources, professional development events, and one-on-one support.


The TLTC believes that technology can provide greater access to educational opportunity. We collaborate with faculty in alignment with campus strategic goals to support learning for all students, working to guide research supported, pedagogically-driven technology choices and advance effective technology use in education.


In order to support the mission and vision, the TLTC will:

  • Meet the campus needs and priorities in alignment with campus goals and strategic plans.
  • Partner with campus faculty, staff, and functional groups to coordinate training, support and projects.
  • Provide training and professional development opportunities.
  • Encourage improvement of technology integration.
  • Support efficient technology use, instructional design services, grant opportunities, and projects.
  • Collaborate with faculty to discover and develop new innovations.
  • Investigate new research and best practices to share with faculty.
  • Evaluate new tools, software, and applications and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Advance student engagement through effective technology integration.
  • Improve technology integration and course design.
  • Implement new projects and programs.

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IT Service Desk at extension 4567

Chilton Reynolds

Chilton Reynolds
Director, TLTC
B239 Milne Library


Diana Moseman

Diana Moseman
Instructional Support Technician
B254 Milne Library


Tim Ploss

Tim Ploss
Instructional Support Technician
B255 Milne Library


Ed Beck

Ed Beck
Instructional Designer
B253 Milne Library


Racheal Fest

Racheal Fest
Specialist in Pedagogy
B256 Milne Library


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