Theatre Department Studios & Classrooms

Acting Studio

The acting studio, FA-103, is home to most of the department’s performance-based classes. The acting studio is equipped with a sprung hardwood floor, full-length mirrors, ballet barres, rehearsal cubes, a piano, video screen/projector, and sound system. Due to competing demands for rehearsal space, all use of the acting studio must be approved in advance by the Theatre Department through the department secretary.

Acting Studio

Design Studio

The design studio, FA-111, is home to most of the department's technical classes. The design studio is also used for department and production meetings. The studio is equipped with large work tables, a drafting table, tracing table, 3D printer, drawing and model-building tools, a large-format printer, smart board, sound system, TV monitor, sink, microwave, and full-size refrigerator. Access to the design studio is controlled by an electronic ID card reader. Students of the department are provided access so that they are able to work on projects in the evenings or on weekends.

Design room FA-111
Design room FA-111

Classroom FA-110

Classroom FA-110 is a small shared classroom that is home to various Theatre Department courses. This classroom is occasionally used as an additional holding area for performers given its proximity to the Goodrich Theater.

Classroom 110


Located just off the theater and art gallery lobbies is a courtyard with a small outdoor stage. The courtyard is commonly used for special events but also serves as a rehearsal and performance space when the weather is nice. It’s also a great place to hang out between classes!

Fine Arts Center Courtyard

Other Studios & Classrooms

Some Theatre Department courses are held in locations outside of the Fine Arts Center facilities. Many dance classes take place in the Alumni Field House studio or the Chase Gymnasium studio, while high-enrollment introductory theatre courses are taught in the large lecture halls of the Instructional Resources Center (IRC). These buildings are located very close to the Fine Arts Center.

Alumni Field House Dance Studio
Studio in Alumni Field House
IRC Lecture Hall
Lecture hall in the Hodgdon Instructional Resources Center

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