Parking FAQs

Decals are now available for purchase online. Please contact the Parking Office at for additional information on when and how to purchase your decal.

The Parking Office is located with University Police Department in the Emergency Services Building on South-West Dormitory Drive. Their direct phone number is 607-436-2645 or 607-436-2644.

Yes, all employees, students and visitors are required to obtain a parking permit to park on campus. In case of emergency and for security reasons, the University Police Department must be able to identify who is on campus. It is necessary for all members of the community, including full and part-time students, faculty, staff, and visitors, to obtain appropriate parking credentials.

The Parking Office is open weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., during the academic year. They are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., for summer hours. When the Parking Office is closed, please visit the University Police window for assistance.

Decals are now available to purchase online using the Parking Portal or by stopping in at the Parking Office between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

If you already have a parking permanent permit for another vehicle, you will need to come to the Parking Office to obtain a temporary permit at no charge.

Yes, all vehicles parked on campus need a valid decal or permit.

No. Permits are sold to individuals for use on their registered vehicles. Violations of this rule will result in possible tickets and may result in a suspension of parking privileges on campus.

Anyone that has been issued a handicapped hang tag or license plate through the city, town, and village clerk may park in a handicapped parking space. Parking in handicap spaces on campus requires a valid SUNY Oneonta parking permit in addition to your handicap hangtag or license plate.

No, you must pay all parking obligations before you can purchase a parking permit of any type.

A late fee of $25.00 for any offense not paid within 30 days will be assessed to your account. Fines can be paid online at our Parking Portal or at the Parking Office.

Freshmen and sophomore resident students can NOT bring a car to campus except under the following special situations.

  • Medical Reasons - requires a letter from a licensed physician indicating a legitimate medical need after being presented to the SUNY Oneonta medical director, at the university Health Center, for approval.
  • Employment - requires a letter on company letterhead with a NOTARIZED SIGNATURE from your employer stating days and hours of employment. The letter shall include a telephone number and address of the business. A current payroll stub may also be required.

Yes, whenever you change vehicles or purchase a new vehicle you will need to obtain a new decal. The cost is $30 if you have already had a decal. Please be sure to remove your old decal from the vehicle, as you are still responsible for any use of the decal. Resident students be sure to bring your decal back to the parking office to purchase the new decal. Do this as soon as you can to avoid being ticketed.

Although there is an adequate number of parking spaces available, parking may not be available as close as you would prefer to your campus destination. Try the following areas: Tobey Resident/Commuter Lot #39 and Tennis Court Lot #79.

Employees and Commuter students may purchase an additional parking permits for $30. A valid vehicle registration must be presented for both vehicles in order to obtain the second permit. Both registrations must show the individual’s current address.

No, you may not register a vehicle for a friend. The parking office will revoke your parking privileges if you are registering a vehicle for a friend.

You may appeal a citation within 10 days of issuance by completing an appeal on the online parking portal. If the appeal process takes longer than 30 days, the late fee will still be assessed. The parking office will notify you of the results after the parking appeals board meets.

Please call University Police at 607-436-3550 and let them know your vehicle type, color, plate number and type of decal you have. They will give you about 20 minutes to load or unload your vehicle. After that you will need to move your vehicle to your designated area.

Come to University Police with ID and they can provide you with a battery pack to jump start your car.

You may pay by cash, check, credit card, (Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover) or Dragon Dollars at the Parking Office.

Anyone who has incurred five or more tickets or has a balance of $135 or more in parking fines is considered a scofflaw and may be towed at the discretion of SUNY Oneonta. Additional towing fines may be accrued and are the responsibility of the owner or driver of the vehicle.

Currently there is no motorcycle specific parking. A motorcycle parks like a car, one per space, between two white lines, on a paved surface. Motorcycles must have permits to park on campus also.

Tickets do disappear from vehicles due to weather elements or pranksters. Email the Parking office at for a copy of the ticket.

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