Applying for an Art Internship


If you are a SUNY Oneonta Digital & Studio Art major interested in completing an internship, make sure you meet all the requirements, and follow the "how to apply" steps in the tabs above.

Once you have forms completed, or if you need help, contact the Internship Coordinator , Wesley Bernard.

The majority of the internships are student-driven. Students gain valuable experience by researching and finding appropriate internships for their skills and goals. Once a position has been identified, the department's Internship Coordinator works with each student to complete the paperwork and supervise the internship.

The Art Department does not "place" students in internship positions. Contact the Career Development Center for resources on internship venues, and the Art Department's Internship Coordinator for more help.

Internships may be completed during the fall, spring and summer semesters, or during the winter break. Students who complete internships during the winter and summer terms will pay per credit for the class.

The Art Department has additional requirements beyond those specified by SUNY Oneonta at large.
You must meet the art department‘s qualifications and SUNY Oneonta‘s qualifications if you wish to have an internship in Digital & Studio Art.

Students should meet with their advisor before committing to an internship to determine how the credits will count towards their graduation requirements.

Students must meet all of the following criteria

  • Junior or Senior Status (more than 56 credits at the time of application)
  • Overall GPA of 2.00 or above
  • GPA of 3.00 or above in the Digital & Studio Art Major
  • Must be an officially declared Digital & Studio Art Major
  • Must have successfully completed at least one semester’s work in a degree program at SUNY Oneonta
  • Must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in Digital & Studio Art classes

An internship is an advanced class

  • Credit is Pass/Fail Only
  • Credits received are elective credits that may satisfy a required upper division elective in your major
  • CART 397 & ARTS 397 is intended for professional creative work in the field
  • Credits from 1-15. Maximum of 15 semester hours for full-time field work (12 s.h. limit for summer internships)
  • Students cannot go over 16 credits in internship overall in their career
  • Credits will be evaluated by the department Internship Coordinator at the rate of one credit for every 40 hours worked on site
  • Students who are enrolled in an Internship cannot be enrolled in more than 18 s.h. overall for that semester
  • Faculty members, student's immediate family or employees of the student's immediate family may not serve as on-site supervisors.

Follow these steps to apply

  1. Make sure you meet all the qualifications (in the tab above) and download the forms.
  2. Search and locate an internship you want to pursue.
    Search for internship opportunities at the Career Development Center and contact the Art Department's Internship Coordinator for more information.
  3. Meet with the sponsoring agency in person and talk with your agency supervisor about your position. Make sure you define at least the following items:
    1. When will you start and finish the internship?
    2. How many hours will you be working?
    3. How many credits will you be earning? (You may earn ONE credit for every 40 hours of work on site)
    4. Is this a paid internship or just for credit? (Remember it can be both).
    5. What are the responsibilities of the intern? Ask our site supervisor to provide a list of those.
      In order to earn ARTS or CART credit, the internship must be focused on the production of artwork/design.
  4. Download and complete the Internship Form, and the Internship Description (links on the right sidebar above)
    All forms must be typed and should contain no corrections.
  5. Meet with your internship on-site supervisor and have them:
    1. Read and agree to the Internship Description form
    2. Sign the completed Internship Application
  6. Make an appointment with the Art Department's Internship Coordinator and submit the following :
    1. The Internship Application (signed by yourself and your agency supervisor)
    2. Your typed Internship Description from
    3. A copy of your current DegreeWorks
  7. Once the Internship Coordinator approves the internship, you may submit the entire packet to the Art Office. After final approvals, the Internship will appear on your DegreeWorks as an active class in progress.
  8. Note: The application process for an internship requires a minimum of two weeks. Select a site well in advance and get the process started in the middle of the semester before your internship begins. For internships of 3 credits or more, you must register before the end of the add/drop period to avoid a late fee.

    Summer Internships Applications: must be completed on or before the last week of classes in May. The Internship Coordinator is not available to process your application after that time period. Retroactive approval of internships will not be granted.

Evaluation Procedures

  1. All interns must keep a daily journal describing the nature of their duties and work assignments. The journal must include a log of the number of hours worked, as well as a portfolio of work completed in whole or in part by the intern.
  2. Interns are responsible for contacting the Art Department Coordinator at mid-term to assess progress, and at the end of the semester to submit their completed journal.
  3. At the conclusion of the internship, a letter of recommendation must be written by the agency supervisor evaluating your performance and must verify the number of hours worked. This must be an official letter on the agency's letterhead, and it must include the site supervisor's signature. The site supervisor must email this letter as an attachment to the Internship Coordinator within two days of the Internship's conclusion and must provide a printed copy to the intern.
  4. Before you receive your grade all journals, logs, work samples and letters of recommendation must be submitted to the Art Departments Internship Coordinator. This must be done on or before the last week of regularly scheduled classes.


Download, print and fill out the following form(s) after securing an agreement with an internship site, and after having consulted with both the internship "Site Supervisor", and the Art Department's Internship Coordinator, Wesley Bernard (email).

Internship Application form

Finding an Internship

The SUNY Oneonta Career Development Center maintains updated lists of Internship opportunities.

NYFA maintains an extensive list of jobs and internship opportunities for artists in New York State.

International Internships resources.

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