Anatomy & Physiology lab
Biological Field Station research on Otsego Lake
Dr. Florian Reyda looks through a microscope
Botany class campus tree inventory project

Program Options

SUNY Oneonta biology majors can choose from one general track and three specialized tracks: Liberal Arts-Biology, Ecology & Conservation Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Cell & Molecular Biology. More than 40 courses, taught on a two-year cycle, will allow you to further tailor the program to your interests.

Additional opportunities for students with more specialized career goals are available, including a pre-health professions advisement program, 4-3 cooperative programs in physical and occupational therapy, an early assurance physician assistant program with Albany Medical College, and a five-year combined B.S/M.S. Biology program.


All students who major in biology will be required to gain hands-on experience with an advanced topic, either through independent study, research and service-learning projects, or intense, immersion-style coursework. Sufficient background in related sciences and mathematics is a necessity for the modern biologist, and all four tracks include such courses. 


Campus tools and facilities include research laboratories, controlled environment animal rooms, plant growth chambers, greenhouses, an herbarium, a tissue culture room and radiation facilities.  At the college’s Cooperstown Campus, the 2,600-acre Biological Field Station facility on the shores of Otsego Lake has 12 buildings housing laboratories, classrooms and equipment for research support. A well-equipped research vessel, electrofishing boat and several smaller boats provide access to bogs, marshes and ponds for teaching and research in aquatic biology and limnology. An upland forest, old field, conifer plantation, meadow and agricultural lands offer additional opportunities to learn and explore.


Biology Department
112 Science Building 1

Cheyenne Pommelle
I’ve always loved animals. I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and fell in love with the field pretty early on. I want to work with big, exotic animals in a zoo. But I also have learned here at SUNY Oneonta that I enjoy the research side of things, too, so maybe I’ll do a combination of the two.
Phil Inguanta
One thing I love about my major, and this is SUNY Oneonta in general, is that the classes are very small, so that one-on-one time with teachers is just great. All the universities I was looking at had these huge lecture classes. Here, I feel like they make more time for you.
Rebecca Lowenstein
My top experience was probably the tropical field biology course in Peru with one of my professors, Dr. Florian Reyda. We learned about conservation of the rainforest in the Andes Mountains and did many hikes and learned about our surroundings, including a lot of the animals and plant species that are there. There were 16 other students who went, and they felt like family by the end.
Sean Robinson
Faculty and Staff
Sean Robinson’s favorite part of his job is being able to witness growth – growth of bryophytes and the many other kinds of plants he studies, and the growth of his students.
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