Media Studies


SUNY Oneonta’s Media Studies major (formerly Mass Communication) prepares students for careers in new media, film, television, audio production, and media criticism. The program combines critical media scholarship with hands-on content production experiences so students develop the skills they need for 21st-century media professions.
Courses in the program allow you to explore the role of media from a critical/cultural perspective. You will also have access to a wide variety of professional production tools, including high-definition video cameras with HDSLR kits, audio/podcasting recording equipment, audio, and video editing suites, and lighting kits. Learning facilities include two TV/video production studios with a control room, broadcasting facilities for live athletic events, and a mobile broadcasting unit.
In addition to taking classes, many students apply for internships with a variety of media companies located in close proximity. Students complete these internships over the summer or substitute them for a fall or spring semester. They also get plenty of hands-on experience through student clubs and organizations like WIRE-TV, the television production club, WONY, the campus radio station, Film Club, the Communication Arts Society, and Lamda Pi Eta, the communication and media studies honor society.


Communication & Media Department
Instructional Resources Center B12

Austin Teitelbaum
When I looked up state schools that have TV stations, Oneonta was the first one that came up. I looked at images, and I applied right away. I saw the opportunity in the school, how many clubs there are and how people seem to be a family. I always heard great things about SUNY Oneonta, and just knowing that I walked in here as a transfer junior and am coming out of here as president of the TV station is a huge, huge thing. I love this school so much because of that.
Jonathan Brown
Oneonta has a really good communications program. I felt that it would give me the skills I need to perform well in my career. After just a few mass communications classes, I knew I had made the right choice.
Keri Balnis
I was the type of kid that didn’t play with Barbies. I played weather station, and set up a whole news station in my bedroom. When I saw that, if I came here, I could make that come to life, I knew this was the right place for me.
Natalie Costanza
I just got my first WONY radio show, which is so exciting. It’s all feel-good music and music I’ve been listening to during the past week. I get callers making requests and I have some guests in the station. … I love radio -- I found my niche in the music industry. I would love to be an announcer for a radio show one day.
Terrell Rose
What really drew me to Oneonta was the mass communications department because there is just so much. When I visited and saw the TV studio in IRC and all the equipment, I was like, "‘We have lighting kits?!" And when I toured the Mass Comm department and saw the plethora of classes we can take, that’s when it hit me. Other schools only had, like, two media classes, but I wanted more.
Zahria Shaw
Being a peer mentor for freshman and transfer students has been amazing. I had a mentor freshman year, and that really helped me grow and explore campus.That made me want to become a mentor myself. It’s rewarding knowing that you’re helping someone make that transition and feel comfortable.