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Messages from our Alumni Leadership


James Doig '75

President, The College at Oneonta Foundation

My name is Jim Doig, class of 1975. I’ve been a director on the State University College at Oneonta Foundation Corporation board for the last 8 years, having served in several capacities during that time. I’m currently privileged to be the president of the board, a term I just started at the beginning of this July 2021 fiscal year, for a period of 2 years.

The Foundation plays an increasing critical role in supporting students and programs at the college. Through the years, the Foundation has grown into a meaningful source of funding, providing scholarships and internships for students, as well as support for research programs and conferences, along with several other types of financial assistance. We’re very proud of what we do. Without the Foundation, many students may not even be able to attend Oneonta or would leave school burdened with a much higher level of debt to repay.

We’re in the beginning of the fourth year of a five-year campaign to raise at least $25 million to increase the size of our endowment. I’m so pleased to be able to report that we’re on track to hit, and hopefully exceed, that amount. This obviously wouldn’t be possible without the support of many, many donors, many of whom are Oneonta alumni. If you have already given to the success of this campaign, thank you . . . you’ve helped make a significant difference in the lives of a great number of students. I’ve had a lot of enjoyment attending functions where the student beneficiaries have had a chance to express their appreciation, and I can assure you that all the dollars coming into, and then out of, the Foundation have really expanded and magnified these student’s college experiences. It’s life-changing, with both immediate and long-term returns.


Christine Warnquist '71

President, SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association

My Name is Christine Warnquist and I am a 1971 graduate of the College. I have been a Director on the Alumni Board for the past 6 years in addition to holding role of Vice President and President Elect. I am currently in my second year as President of the Alumni Board. Being a part of the Board allows me to continue my close working relationship with the College after spending over 20 years as part of the College Administration. Oneonta, the College Community, is “home” for me and provides that the sense of community that I have always needed. Now that I am no longer in Oneonta being a member and leader of the Board continues to allow the closeness that I feel for this College.

The Alumni Board has become more instrumental in supporting the mission of the College each year that goes by. I, along with my fellow Board Members, support the College financially and by participating in Leadership which allows our students to grow intellectually, thrive socially, and live purposefully, and by contributing financially. I personally have created a Scholarship in my son Geoffrey’s memory that provides Scholarships to Music Industry Students.

The Campaign – Grow, Thrive, Live, is on track to hit and potentially exceed the goal of $25 million which will increase our endowment. This is only possible because of the support of our Oneonta Alumni and Friends. I thank those of you who have provided support and ask any of you who haven’t to consider doing so. You will provide an opportunity to our students that they might not be able to attain without our support. When I see and hear these students speak of their experiences, I am amazed by what they have overcome and have achieved. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have provided support for at least a few students.

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