Finance & Administration Organization Chart

Julie Piscitello

Julie Piscitello

Julie Piscitello joined SUNY Oneonta in 2004, hired in the Budget Office as a Budget Assistant. In June 2010, she became SUNY Oneonta's Budget Director and in 2019 accepted the appointment to Vice President of Finance and Administration. Julie holds a B.A. degree in History and International Relations from Colgate University, and an A.A.S. degree in Accounting from Herkimer County Community College. Her prior work experience includes private sector accounting, municipal finance, and banking. She is also a graduate of the 2009-10 Leadership Otsego program.

Kimberly Devlin

Kimberly Devlin

Kimberly is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Utica University. She joined the budget office in 2015 working as a financial and senior financial analyst.

The Budget Director plays a key role in the leadership team within Finance and Administration. Kimberly is responsible for the development, monitoring and execution of budgets for various university funds and ongoing analysis of SUNY Oneonta's financial status. Additional responsibilities include financial data analysis and reporting for both internal and external purposes.

As Budget Director, Kimberly is responsible for providing campus leadership with subject matter expertise and guidance related to SUNY Oneonta’s state-appropriated operating budget.

Lachlan Squair

Lachlan Squair

Responsible for facilities planning, facilities operations, energy management, construction, infrastructure, and campus safety and environmental compliance programs. Lachlan Squair has been with SUNY Oneonta since 2017. Prior to his service with SUNY Oneonta, Mr. Squair held a number of positions in the higher education sector including Assistant Director of Capital Program Management for the State University Construction Fund, Director of Facilities Management for SUNY Cobleskill, Assistant Director of Facilities Projects for SUNY Oneonta and Operations Manager for The University of Newcastle, Australia.

Mr. Squair earned his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Applied Management from The University of Newcastle, Australia. He has over 20 years of experience in higher education facilities planning, design, construction and facilities operations, as well as extensive prior experience in heavy industrial construction management.

Steve Maniscalco

Steve Maniscalco

Steven Maniscalco joined SUNY Oneonta in 1996 and was appointed the Chief Information Officer in 2019. He oversees IT services for the campus community. Steve completed his undergraduate degree from SUNY Oneonta with a dual BS in Computer Science and Chemistry. He has worked professionally at SUNY Oneonta, since graduating in 1996, working in the various IT units such as Academic Computing Services, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center and IT Customer Support. He has provided customer focused technology services for students, faculty, and staff throughout his career in higher education information technology.

Information Technology Services

Rebecca O'Donnell

Rebecca O'Donnell Portrait

Becca, a graduate of SUNY Oneonta, initially joined the university as a Staff Assistant in the Accounting Office. She has since held the positions of Manager of Accounts Payable, Interim Director of Student Accounts, Manager of Internal Control and College Accountant. She has helped lead SUNY Oneonta’s financial operations, ensuring the integrity and reliability of financial data and systems, providing financial information to support decision making at all levels, and seeking solutions to maximize the efficacy of campus financial systems. She has contributed her time and skills to campus committees and initiatives such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Steering Committee and the Business Advisory Council. Becca is known throughout the SUNY system as an expert in revenue accounting, especially as it relates to the integration of the SUNY Uniform Revenue Accounting System (URAS), Ellucian’s Banner software and SICAS software products. She is the recipient of the 2017 SICAS Outstanding Service Award and the 2022 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service.

She currently serves as Associate VP and Controller, overseeing several administrative areas including Internal Control, Business Services, Student Accounts, Accounting, Making Cent$ Financial Wellness Program and the Student Service Center. As a long-term member of the campus community, she values the on-going opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and students each day. She is an integral partner to academic and administrative units across the institution, responding to emerging issues and trends, promoting the development of streamlined processes and procedures, and supporting effective operations balanced with compliance and risk management.

Diane VanBuren

Diane Loveland

Director of Foundation Investment Management

Diane is an alumnus of SUNY Oneonta and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. Diane joined SUNY Oneonta in 2006 as Portfolio Manager for the Foundation Finance Office and has nearly 40 years of experience in investment management and analysis. Prior to joining SUNY Oneonta Diane served as a member of the Foundation board for eight years, during which time she chaired the Finance Committee and served on the Investment Subcommittee. Diane works closely with the Foundation Board committees to prepare for long-term growth, focusing on appreciation, capital preservation and income. Diane is responsible for overseeing the investment management of all gifted funds for SUNY Oneonta.

Frances Althiser

Fran Althiser

Associate Treasurer

Prior to joining SUNY Oneonta, Fran served the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for more than 34 years. During her tenure as Controller there, Fran managed finance and administration, legal affairs, human resources, retail, and operations. Fran brings her substantial experience in not-for-profit finance in the areas of financial statements, accounting policies and procedures, internal controls, and auditing. Fran works closely with the Foundation Board committees by providing financial statements to the board and managing the annual audit. As Associate Treasurer, Fran is responsible for the daily management of the Foundation Finance Office and communication to the Foundation Board.

The SUNY Oneonta Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation established to support the State University of New York at Oneonta. The Foundation Finance Office is responsible for fund accounting and investment management of the nearly 600 separate funds of the Foundation with an aggregate market value in excess of $70M. Approximately two-thirds of these funds are endowments and along with non-endowed funds, the Foundation is able to provide annual scholarships and program funding for students, faculty and departments.

The Foundation is supported by experienced members of the Board of Directors who serve on the Finance, Audit and Investment committees. The Foundation Finance Office staff continuously strives towards advancements in processes and procedures used in the management of funds to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Diane Williams

Diane Williams

As Executive Director of Oneonta Auxiliary Services, Diane Williams is responsible for providing dining, bookstore, College Camp, ID/dining card, vending, Dragon Dollars, laundry, and check cashing services. Diane’s career at SUNY Oneonta spans more than 30 years, during which time she served as a Residence Hall Director, Director of Conferences, Assistant Dean of Continuing Education, Director of Alumni Affairs and Executive Officer of the College at Oneonta Alumni Association, Inc. Diane earned her bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo and her Master’s Degree from SUNY Oneonta. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be her two children, William and Emily.

Providing the comforts of home is what Oneonta Auxiliary Services (OAS) is all about. A not-for-profit corporation governed by a board consisting of students, faculty, and staff, OAS has served SUNY Oneonta for more than 70 years. Every one of our employees is committed to providing exceptional customer service and those little touches that make SUNY Oneonta your home away from home.

Bill Grau

Bill Grau

Bill Grau has been with the SICAS Center since 2006 when he began as the Student Product Manager.

Prior to joining the SICAS Center, Bill worked in several areas at SUNY Oneonta including College Registrar. As Executive Director of the SICAS Center, Bill manages a staff of 45 that provides software, training, documentation, and remote application administration to SUNY campuses using the administrative software Banner. The SICAS Center has been housed on the Oneonta campus since its inception in 1991. Bill serves on the Oneonta City School District Board of Education, the Oneonta Soccer Club Board of Directors, the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragon Open committee, and the SUNY Oneonta Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oneonta and a master degree from the University of New Hampshire.

The SICAS Program supports administrative computing needs for the forty-eight (48) SUNY campuses that operate BANNER Student Administrative Software. The software services and support provided to member campuses through the SICAS Center (located on the Oneonta campus) include baseline BANNER software, enhancements to the BANNER baseline, training, helpdesk, and documentation. A Governance Board and Executive Committee of member campus administration and staff guide the philosophy, policy, direction, and accountability of the Center. The SICAS Program also has several open and associate members who purchase specific software interfaces developed by the SICAS Center.

The primary function of the SICAS Center is to develop and maintain applications and enhancements to BANNER and to serve as a liaison between the member campuses and Ellucian to supplement the maintenance support provided by Ellucian's Technical Currency Program. The SICAS Center is responsible for distributing this software and associated documentation to all of the members. When campuses have problems or questions, they direct them to the SICAS Center, where they are either resolved or referred to Ellucian. All members are kept informed of problems, questions and resolutions encountered by the other members.

SICAS Center

Pamela Dubitsky

Pamela Dubitsky joined SUNY Oneonta in 2024 and is the Director of Research, Grants and Contracts.

As Director, Pamela leads the Office of Research, Grants & Contracts and provides planning, regulatory, and policy support for external funding activities of the university. Pamela also convenes the University Grant Team, a cross-divisional group that works proactively across the university to maximize its external funding portfolio in alignment with university priorities, and in support of faculty, staff, and student scholarship.

Her responsibilities in Research, Grants and Contracts include overseeing proposal development and administration, contract negotiation, research administration, compliance, and business office's services throughout the life cycle of sponsored program agreements. As Director, Pamela also serves as the university’s liaison with federal, state, and local agency contacts, other external agencies, and the SUNY Research Foundation.

The mission of the Office of Research, Grants and Contracts is to enhance research and program development at SUNY Oneonta by providing externally sponsored and contract-funded personnel with comprehensive and compliant financial, human resource, procurement and reporting services for projects administered through the Research Foundation, in accordance with federal, sponsor, Research Foundation, SUNY and campus guidelines.

Pamela’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and a Master of Arts in Anthropology and Master of Social Work both from the University at Albany.

Office of Research, Grants and Contracts (Formerly Sponsored Programs)

Rachel Kornhauser

Rachel Kornhauser

Rachel Kornhauser has been serving as Sustainability Coordinator since 2017 overseeing sustainability initiatives in curriculum, operations, and engagement. Throughout her career in sustainability and environmental education Rachel has taught about climate change to students in Doha, Qatar, forest ecology to students in Brooklyn, NY, and facilitated virtual conversations about freshwater access in Tanzania and the United States. Rachel has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Binghamton University and a M.A. of Earth Science Education from CUNY Hunter College.

A 2018 graduate of the Leadership Otsego program and current co-chair of the SUNY Sustainability Coalition, Rachel works collaboratively with the campus and community. Notable projects within the community include collaborating with the county on establishing food waste recycling; serving on the Board of Directors for the Bugbee Children’s Center; and coordinating an annual move-out program collecting gently used items from students moving out at the end of the year and donating them directly to local non-profits and community members.

Rachel lives in Oneonta with her adorable kids, her whiny dog, and decaf-coffee-loving husband.


Sustainability is a fundamental value of SUNY Oneonta. SUNY Oneonta integrates sustainability throughout the operations, curriculum, administrative units, and engagement opportunities on campus. The Office of Sustainability’s ultimate goal is to create a generation of environmental stewards and leaders who understand how their decisions impact society, business, and the environment. Through experiential learning, student engagement and community service opportunities, the office educates all students on the importance of reducing their ecological footprint. You can see evidence of our commitment to sustainability in the student run Red Closet Thrift Shop, courses with sustainability designations in more than half of the academic departments, an active President’s Advisory Council made up of faculty, staff and students, and an overall commitment to supporting a community that is socially just, environmentally healthy, and economically stable.

Every student who graduates from SUNY Oneonta should have a strong understanding of sustainability and the environmental complexities facing the current and future generations. If this is accomplished, SUNY Oneonta graduates will become part of the solution in achieving a sustainable future.

Education and Engagement

The Office of Sustainability promotes the integration of sustainability across the curriculum through the Sustainability Course Designation Program and the Sustainable Susquehanna Faculty Development Workshop program, which provide resources to strengthen faculty opportunities to develop new courses or revise current courses with a sustainability focus. Student engagement opportunities include events, a peer education program, internships, and educational programs focused on sustainable practices.


SUNY Oneonta has made great strides in diverting recyclables from the waste stream and continues to focus on campus-wide initiatives to increase recycling. The Office of Sustainability is also working to divert other material from the waste stream including food and electronic waste. Other projects include the Move-Out Donation Program where students donate unwanted items to needy community members, and the Red Closet thrift shop, a student-run store that operates in conjunction with the Human Ecology Department.


With an annual energy budget of $3.7 million, SUNY Oneonta has both financial and environmental incentives to reduce its reliance on fossil fuel, a finite resource. SUNY Oneonta recently completed it’s Clean Energy Master Plan- a framework for a financially sustainable energy program that focuses on energy-intensity reduction goals, which supports meeting the carbon0reduction goals of the campus, and provides reliable low-carbon and resilient energy sources that enable and enhance the campus mission. SUNY Oneonta is targeting energy efficiency projects through technology advances as well as energy reduction initiatives through behavioral changes.

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