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Live Andersen

Liv Andersen graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Industry. Her love of music and enthusiasm for live events fueled her interest in the program, and she gained a strong understanding of the entertainment industry through her studies. From her work at small companies to large, international corporations, Liv’s journey from school to a thriving profession is one to admire.

The summer after her college graduation ceremony, Liv interned at Zenbu Media, a print publishing company in New York City. She had a steady progression of increasing responsibilities as an intern and was given opportunities to travel around the country to various music events including the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. She explained that these experiences allowed her to see new opportunities in the music industry. Upon completing her internship, she accepted a job offer as Zenbu Media’s Advertising Production Manager.

Two years later, Liv took a summer break from New York City, only to return a short time later to begin a temporary job at BMG Rights Management, an international music company that manages music publishing and recording rights. She worked on a Digitization Project for the company’s VP of Finance and upon nearing the conclusion of that assignment, she landed a full- time job as the Executive Assistant in the President’s Office at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), the largest music rights organization in the United States.

As for her college experience, Liv spoke positively about the NAMM (National Association for Music Merchandisers) convention she attended while at SUNY Oneonta. Each year, students have the opportunity to travel to Anaheim, CA, to attend the trade-show full of music product merchandisers. In terms of the Music Industry professors and classes, Liv described the mock interview assignment in Dr. Pignato’s Music Industry Communication course as helpful and said that Dr. Nepkie helped her to streamline her focus in the music industry. She mentioned that other professors, such as Dr. Matson, had a true sincerity, passion, and dedication to their students. As the last word of advice, Liv stated that students should always say yes” because doing so can lead to new opportunities in the industry. If saying yes” can lead to a career like Liv’s, why would anyone say no?”

Written by: Jacqueline Gutierrez

Dan Mullins

Dan Mullins founded Vis A Vis, a marketing and management company, in Brooklyn, NY, upon graduation in May 2010 from the SUNY Oneonta Music Industry program. As an artist manager, Dan represents clientele such as the internationally acclaimed DJ M A N I K, A-list EDM/production duo The Disco Fries, and the Grammy-nominated and BMI award-winning artist Anthony The Twilite Tone” Khan. Dan has given lectures at colleges around the country and has been interviewed by Dummy Magazine and Halcyon. A successful music industry professional indeed, Dan makes us wonder how he has accomplished so much in so little time.

During his college career, Dan interned at ObliqSound - an independent record label with offices in New York City and Hamburg, Germany. Some of his tasks as an intern involved reviewing and negotiating license requests, actively pitching music catalog for placement in television and film, identifying and conducting opportunistic business development projects, and updating and maintaining social networking platforms for artists and labels. He recalls the internship as a fruitful experience that led him to meet many of his mentors including Dave Tomaselli (Mute Records alum), and Jon Martin and his husband, Craig Roseberry (manager for Yoko Ono and Crystal Ark). With a specialty in Dance, Disco, and Electronic music, Dan began managing artists of these genres while in college and founded his company, Vis A Vis, upon completion of the Music Industry program.

When asked about his college experience, Dan concluded that he was satisfied with his work and involvement at SUNY Oneonta; he describes what he learned from the Music Industry program and the professors as factors that provided him the means to achieve his goals. As for advice to students, he says, One must be able to develop and execute an idea - whether as an individual or as part of a team. If you cannot translate what you have learned in the past to what you face in the future then you haven’t learned anything. Seek to be a translator. Learn to listen. Seek to share your success with those who may not have been as fortunate.” Dan Mullins is an accomplished music industry professional and entrepreneur. With such a high passion for music and the market, he may even become the Andrew Carnegie of dance music!

Written by: Jacqueline Gutierrez

Lowhency Pierre

Lowhency Pierre, a SUNY Oneonta Music Industry graduate, is building a successful career in the industry. Upon graduation in May 2013, he began working temporarily as a Data Entry Coordinator at a music publishing company called Songtrust and was hired five months later as a full-time employee by the Harry Fox Agency (HFA). HFA is the foremost mechanical licensing, collection, and distribution agency for music publishers in the United States. Lowhency considers himself fortunate to have gained quite a bit of experience already.

Prior to attending SUNY Oneonta, Lowhency earned his associate's degree in Music Production from the City University of New York Queensborough Community College. Although he enjoyed the production, his passion for music went beyond that realm. He states I knew I always wanted to be involved in music but knew nothing about its business. I wanted to learn about both the performance and business aspects.” Lowhency enrolled in the Music Industry program in 2011 and quickly became involved in on-campus clubs and organizations.

When asked about his internship at Wonderlous Music, a boutique music publishing company in New York, Lowhency said, I worked closely with the CEO. I performed daily administrative and office tasks were responsible for catalog upkeep and review and communicated daily with performing rights organizations. I was involved with the music licensing process - pitching to various notable music supervisors.” His hands-on experience at the company taught him enough to land the temporary job at Songtrust right out of college and the full-time position as a Data Management Agent at HFA a few months later.

Lowhency attributes his motivation for success to the hardships and trials of life back home and accredits SUNY Oneonta Music Industry Professor Anthony Scafide for being a great mentor. In speaking about the courses he took at SUNY, Lowhency explains that Dr. Nepkie’s Legal Issues in the Music Industry" covered all of the topics I’ve been interested in my whole college career - music publishing, copyright, entertainment law.” When questioned about whether or not he would do anything differently he stated, I wish I had picked up English as a minor; I really love reading and writing. Other than that I’d do everything just the same.” As advice to all students, he says, Get involved on campus. Go to the Career Development Center. Build your resume and work on creating your professional self! Do an internship or two - and make sure you LOVE it. Network as much as possible.” Not bad advice for a recent Music Industry graduate who is surely on his way to a great career in the industry.

- Written by: Jacqueline Gutierrez

Diana Zinni

Diana Zinni, Studio Manager at Joe Lambert Mastering (JLM) in Brooklyn, NY, graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2007 with degrees in Music Industry and Business Economics. She also received a ProTools certificate after completing her Audio Arts Production minor. Driven by her goal of becoming a recording artist, she challenged herself in her studies and developed an interest in audio arts along the way.

Over the summer of 2006, Diana interned at Chung King Studios in downtown Manhattan, taking on administrative tasks, counting inventory, and setting up for recording sessions. She recounted her internship as a valuable experience that allowed her to make many industry contacts. It was also through the internship that Diana developed an interest in studio management.

Adding to her music industry experience, Diana worked two summers in Buffalo, New York at a venue run by Clear Channel, now known as the live-event company Live Nation. Diana landed the job with the help of a SUNY Oneonta professor. His connections with music industry personnel at the venue gave her the contacts she needed to obtain the job; she is grateful for the help her professor provided. At the venue, Diana’s job hours were nine to five with extra hours on show days and her tasks were in all areas of show production including working backstage and doing payroll.

Although accustomed to her small-town life of childhood, Diana was excited to move to New York City after graduation. The relationships she had built while at her summer job in Buffalo, NY, assisted her in finding employment as a Staff Accountant at Live Nation; she remained at the company for three and a half years. Diana also took a position as the Head of Membership and Treasurer of Women in Music, an organization focusing on the advancement of women in the musical arts.

In early 2011, with studios and a recording career still in mind, Diana agreed to work as the Studio Manager at JLM. Acting as the liaison between the company and its clients, Diana takes on tasks such as scheduling sessions and providing invoices. Through her position at JLM, she also found her own producer and is continuing her work as a recording artist. The company itself was founded in 2007 by Joe Lambert, a Grammy-nominated engineer. JLM has an incredible history of mastering records for artists such as Johnny Cash, Earth, Wind and Fire, Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson, and The Black Crowes.

As for her career at SUNY Oneonta, Diana enjoyed it and describes her education as the “bridge” that led her to do what she loves. There was no doubt that she took advantage of the educational opportunities while at SUNY and she hopes that other students will do the same. She encourages students to take courses such as Art History and Philosophy because such classes will expand the mind creatively. She also says, “Be really clear about what you want” so that you have a “better chance of doing what you want when you leave.” Diana’s focus on her interests and professional goals has led her to work in a field she loves and undeniably enjoys each and every day.

Written by: Jacqueline Gutierrez


SUNY Oneonta has done an excellent job to prepare me for post-graduation. The Music Industry program has not only provided me with the knowledge that is necessary to succeed but the experience to get my foot in the door. The internship requirement for this program is something I believe every department should require their students to participate in. The help of the Career Development Center enabled me to network at an internship fair hosted by SUNY Oneonta that landed me the internship I was looking for. Now having made contacts in the industry I can confidently say the Music Industry Department has given me the foundation to enter an exciting career path that will help my aspirations come to fruition.

--Joshua Burger '13 (Coordinator, Music Programming at Plum Radio, Sub-Agent at Frontline Entertainment Agency)

The classes I took that helped me visualize my dreams are Vocal Class, R&B Band, Music Industry Communication, and Music and Marketplace. The reason that these classes were helpful is because they helped me to begin to understand both sides of the arts industry. I now have a better understanding of the performer’s point of view and the business perspective.

--Imani Dunning '13 (Author of “Invisible”, Co-founder of Dream Art)

With professors like Dr. Joe Pignato and Dr. Janet Nepkie supporting me during and after my college career, I felt prepared to take on the music business. College was honestly a huge transition at first; besides getting used to being away from home for the first time, my initial viewpoints of the music business were challenged in a new way. Ultimately, my schoolwork allowed me to build onto my long-time obsession with the entertainment business and begin to cultivate my own educated viewpoints of what the industry is and where it could go. I feel like I started to find myself while at school and I've continued on that journey since then. If I hadn't experienced those three years at Oneonta, then I wouldn't have grown into the person that I am becoming. I know this is just the beginning of my career and I'm excited to keep going and see what happens.

--Andrew Gilchriest '13 (Coordinator, Pricing & Publications - Sony Music Entertainment)

The Music Industry program at SUNY Oneonta changed my life completely. I first started college at SUNY Cortland studying Business Economics. I was a Resident Advisor there at Cortland and during one of my normal hall-duty walks throughout the dorm floors, I came across one of my students in his room making music with his laptop and drum machine. I was amazed, and that day I decided to transfer to SUNY Oneonta and major in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Production. I loved my two years at Oneonta and the experience I gained. The classes I took were straight up about the music business and how it all works. It made me want to learn more and study more about the music industry thoroughly. I enjoyed going to class, playing the piano and being able to work in all the recording studios available.

--Osvaldo Roque ’07 (Music TV Analyst - ASCAP)

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