What's New

Revised the “Consensual Relationship Policy” to replace the current policy that dated back to 2014 on September 24,2019.

College Handbook Policies moved to the Policy Library on September 24, 2019

Website Policy revised by the President on July 3, 2019

Facilities Use Policy approved by the President March 19, 2019

Meals and Refreshments Policy revised by the President on April 16, 2019

Card Access Security System Records Policy approved March 2019

Authorization to Issue Emergency Messages on NY–ALERT removed on March 18, 2019

SUNY Cross-Registration Policy removed on February 28, 2019

SUNY Cross-Registration Policy - Oneonta Campus removed on February 28, 2019

Course Inactivation Policy revised February 19, 2019

Admission and Enrollment of Ex-Offenders/Candidates with Prior Felony Convictions removed August 1, 2018

Academic Grievance Policy approved June 21, 2018

College Style Policy approved June 12, 2018

Website Policy approved June 12, 2018

Maximum Credit Per Term Policy approved May 31, 2018 ​​​​​

Web Privacy Policy approved April 25, 2018

Graduate Faculty Appointment Policy updated April 2018

Survey Policy approved October 17, 2017

Student Access to Campus Buildings replaced Academic Building Access Policy (Sept 2017)

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