Neighborhood Relations Policy


Since many SUNY Oneonta Students live off campus in the neighborhoods surrounding or near the campus, the University is interested in and has a need for collecting accurate current local address information for these Students. This information will, among other things, help with University planning, maintaining campus and University community safety and security, emergency communication and aid the University in effectively communicating with Students. In an effort to provide greater support and guidance, the Office of Community Standards offers online orientation to off-campus living. The online orientation highlights Student rights and responsibilities and reiterates some of the University’s expectations of Students living off campus.


The University requires all non-resident Students to participate in an online orientation and to report, and update as necessary, current address information. Failure to report, and update as necessary, accurate address information will constitute a violation of this policy and may result in a registration hold and/or disciplinary action.


For purposes of this policy, “address” is defined as the address at which the Student resides during the week while attending classes at the University. A post office box cannot be used for a local address.


  1. Off-Campus Living Orientation and Address Verification Once each academic year, all non-resident Students will be prompted to complete the online Off-Campus Living Orientation and Address Verification process.
  2. Verifying Accuracy of Address Information in order to complete the online orientation, the Student must provide the University with documentation that verifies their current address. This documentation must have the Student’s name and address on it. These documents can include but are not limited to: • Utility bills • Leases • Magazine subscriptions Note: The Office of Community Standards does not recognize driver’s licenses as official documentation for these purposes. The Office of Community Standards will routinely audit the accuracy of the local addresses for all Students living off campus. More details about the Off-Campus Living Orientation and Address Verification process can be found on the Office of Community Standards webpage.
  3. Disciplinary Action for Failing to Register Violation of the Off-Campus Living Orientation and Address Policy will result in the initiation of disciplinary action for such violation(s) under the Student Conduct Code. The outcome of the disciplinary action will result in appropriate sanctions. Sanctions will vary depending on the nature of the offense. The following examples of possible sanctions are not exclusive and may also include, but are not limited to: mandatory compliance of the Off-Campus Living Orientation and Address Policy, attending educational programs, community service and fines. All administrative or judicial action is subject to appeal in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Student Conduct Code.

Neighborhood Relations Policy

Students, Registered Student Organizations and affiliated groups are required to follow good neighbor policies and relations, including, but not limited to:

  1. Fostering and maintaining good community relations and cooperation with neighbors and authorities. Students are encouraged to introduce themselves to their neighbors;
  2. Being responsible for their conduct and that of their attendees by actively encouraging attendees to adhere to the same standard (reference: Guest Policy);
  3. Being respectful of and to local community members. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to, littering, loitering, public urination, public nudity, using rude or abusive language, causing excessive noise and illegal parking;
  4. Respecting the rights of others and following all existing laws and ordinances. All Registered Student Organization members are to be knowledgeable about the City of Oneonta Noise Ordinance;
  5. Taking active steps to prevent damage to others’ property;
  6. Being responsible for damage to others’ properties;
  7. Being responsible for making reasonable efforts to resolve neighborhood problems;
  8. Using amplified sound in accordance with the law including, without limitation, the City of Oneonta Noise Ordinance;
  9. If Students witness or learn of dangerous or unlawful activities around their homes, they should promptly report it to the authorities. Dial 911 for an Emergency. The Oneonta Police Department non-emergency dispatch can be reached at (607) 432-1111. OPD has enforcement authority to issue tickets and citations if municipal ordinances are being violated;
  10. Knowing students’ rights and responsibilities under New York’s Landlord Tenant Laws. This and other information for Students living off campus is available through the New York Attorney General’s Office 800-771-7755 or

Approved: February 1, 2018

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