No Idling Policy

Approved by the President
Jan. 21, 2014

Policy Contact
Office of Sustainability

Policy Statement

SUNY Oneonta prohibits campus-owned vehicles from idling unnecessarily. No vehicle should idle continuously for longer than five minutes, except as noted under “Applicability of the Policy” and “Policy Elaboration” below.


SUNY Oneonta is committed to sustainability. Unnecessary vehicle idling wastes fuel, pollutes the air and is detrimental to human health. This policy establishes an expectation that guides operators of campus-owned vehicles and supports SUNY Oneonta’s Climate Action Plan.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to operators of all campus-owned vehicles, except those operating emergency response vehicles.

Policy Elaboration

An operator of a campus-owned vehicle must turn off the vehicle’s engine upon stopping at a destination and may not cause or allow a campus-owned vehicle idle continuously for longer than five minutes, except:

  • While a vehicle is stopped in compliance with an official traffic control device or an official traffic control signal;
  • During traffic conditions over which the driver has no control;
  • While stopped at the direction of a peace officer;
  • To ascertain that a vehicle is in safe operating condition and equipped as required by all provisions of law, and all equipment is in good working order;
  • For testing, servicing, repairing or diagnostic purposes;
  • When doing so would be inconsistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for operation;
  • When turning off a vehicle’s engine could jeopardize campus safety;
  • To operate defrosters, heaters, air conditioners, or other equipment when doing so is necessary to prevent a safety or health emergency, but not solely for the comfort or convenience of the driver or passengers, unless the health of a passenger would be critically aggravated if the vehicle interior was not maintained within certain temperature parameters;
  • To recharge a battery or other energy storage unit of a hybrid electric vehicle; or
  • To supply power necessary for the operation of auxiliary equipment.


Idling is the running of the engine of a stationary vehicle.



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