Non-Academic Leaves – Graduate Students


Policy Statement

Students who wish to take a leave of absence for reasons other than academic are subject to the following:

Non-academic leaves are granted with the approval of the student’s advisor and director/chair of the program. A leave of absence may be granted for military duty, financial, medical or personal reasons. Students must be matriculated, graduate students.

Policy Elaboration

When a student obtains a leave from SUNY Oneonta after the start of a semester, the policy for grades assigned to courses for which s/he is registered is the same as the course withdrawal policy. On this leave application, students must indicate the last day of class attendance. The Office of the Registrar will then assign the grade appropriate for that point in the semester. A student taking a leave prior to the mid-semester date does so without penalty and is assigned a grade of "W". If a student takes a leave after the deadline for individual course withdrawals and up to two weeks before the end of the semester, s/he will receive a "W" with an indication of the quality of his/her work up to the time of departure. No credit is issued for grades of "W".

Incomplete (I) grades earned during the semester prior to leaving SUNY Oneonta are subject to the same grading policies. Hence, even though students may not be enrolled for the full semester, previous semester incompletes must be made up by the specified dates. The date by which incomplete grades must be made up falls during the last week in November for incompletes received during the preceding spring semester or summer session, and the last week in April for incomplete grades received during the preceding fall semester unless the instructor has formally extended the deadline through notification to student and registrar. Incompletes not made up by those dates will revert to a failure per the incomplete policy.


Students may request to be granted a leave of absence for up to one year. The statute of limitations clock will stop the semester they take the leave and begin again the semester in which they enroll in coursework.

If the reason for a leave of absence is medical, or psychological, the student will be (maybe) required to provide a statement of clearance from attending physician to the Health Center prior to the student’s return to SUNY Oneonta.

The student must notify the Graduate Office in writing of his/her intention to return.

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