Posting & Advertising on Campus

Approved by the President
August 2, 2011

Latest Revision
January 2024

Policy Contact
Student Affairs
(607) 436-2513

Policy Statement

Recognized student organizations, university programs, departments, and units that want to advertise on campus using flyers or banners on a bulletin board or in an outdoor area must get permission to do so from the office that manages the area and must follow the procedures for posting and advertising.


SUNY Oneonta reserves the right to manage posting and advertising on campus in order to maintain an orderly and attractive venue and to ensure that events and programs that are advertised are consistent with the institution's values and mission.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all student organizations, university programs, departments, and units that are recognized by SUNY Oneonta.

For policy on entities and individuals who wish to use SUNY Oneonta facilities for other than approved college-sponsored academic, administrative, and extra-curricular activities please refer to Facilities Use Policy.


Announcements, letters, bulletins, posters, banners, sandwich boards, etc., promoting or describing an event, meeting, program, etc., must clearly indicate the sponsoring group/organization and phone number or email address of a contact person. Promotions for off-campus events must clearly indicate the sponsoring group and phone number or email address of a contact person and indicate that the event is not sponsored by SUNY Oneonta.

With the exception of banners, items are to be posted only on general-use bulletin boards. Posting on bulletin boards that are reserved for departments, offices, or organizations requires the permission of that group. Guidelines and application for use of the electronic display boards are available at the Hunt Union website.

Banners may be displayed outdoors in designated areas (Schumacher bus stop and the junction between upper and lower quads) by reservation through the Office of Student Affairs, 119 Netzer. Permission is granted on a first come, first served basis. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to: posting of flyers on doors, windows, trees, light poles, bus stops, indoor and outdoor walls and in elevators; promotion of events that include alcohol; placing leaflets/flyers on vehicles; chalking of buildings, sidewalks, or roadways; any promotional material not endorsed by a student organization, university program, department and/or unit.


The Request to Hang Banner form is available in the Office of Student Affairs (Netzer 119), and online.


Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:

Student Affairs

(607) 436-2513

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