Transfer Credits – Graduate Students

Approved by President/Provost
May 9, 2022

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Policy Statement

Graduate students can transfer up to 6 eligible credits of coursework. Acceptance of transfer credit is at the discretion of the academic department following review of course syllabi and official transcript provided by the student.

Students in the following programs may transfer a higher maximum number of credits for eligible coursework:

Literacy programs - 9 credits

Nutrition and Dietetics program - 12 credits

Counselor Education master's program - 18 credits

To be considered for transfer, a course must:

  • Be completed at regionally accredited institutions of higher education, institutions accredited by the New York State Board of Regents, or through approved external programs.
  • Have an earned grade of B- or above.
  • Have been completed within seven years of acceptance to the program to which it will be applied.

All requests for transfer credit at the time of admission must be indicated on the program application or by the time of deposit. Courses proposed for transfer must be related to the degree program.

Matriculated students who subsequently wish to take credit at another institution toward their degree program must submit a prior approval form to their academic department and receive departmental approval.


A clear policy and procedures for pre- and post-matriculation approval of transfer credit make SUNY Oneonta graduate programs more attractive to applicants.

Approval of transfer credit rests with the program, the subject matters experts, and requires the review of materials including a course syllabus to determine equivalency.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to graduate students at SUNY Oneonta.


Graduate Pre-Matriculated Transfer Credit Process

1. Questions on the graduate application:

a. Please indicate if you have taken graduate level courses at another institution (Y/N) and Name of institution(s):

b. Would you like that coursework reviewed for potential transfer credit?

Students who answer yes to both will be coded in Slate for Graduate Transfer Credit Review. This coding will be visible in reader and the graduate application review dashboard.

2. Graduate Admissions reviews official transcripts submitted. Transcripts including graduate level courses are coded with Graduate Courses Transcript.

3. Admissions Assistant/Associate Director receives an email notification when a student is admitted and coded for graduate transfer credit review.

4. Admissions A.D. will review the transcript(s) and syllabi to confirm they are official. If they are not, the Admissions A.D. contacts the student requesting official transcripts.

5. Admissions A.D. will notify appropriate Chair and forward a copy of transcript and syllabi for review.

6. Chair will review coursework and contact student if additional information is needed.

7. Chair completes graduate transfer credit review form in Slate providing the subject, school, course number of courses being accepted and a course equivalency if it does not exist.

8. Admissions A.D. and Coordinator of Credit in the Admissions Office receive email notification indicating graduate transfer credit review form is complete.

9. Coordinator of Credit completes graduate credit processing form in Slate. Coordinator of Credit enters the credit in Banner (i.e., transfer credit repository). If an equivalency does not exist for a course Coordinator of Credit will create equivalency based on graduate credit transfer review form.

10. Students receive a notification that their record has changed through Slate. If a student’s courses were not accepted, student receives notification through Slate.

Procedure for post-matriculation transfer credit:


(1) Prior approval must be received before registering for transfer course(s) to ensure transferability.

(2) It is the responsibility of the student to investigate courses that might meet the needs of the student’s course of study before meeting with their advisor.

  • Students may transfer approved courses from regionally accredited colleges or universities only.
  • Only coursework needed to meet degree requirements will be considered.
  • Students may not attempt to take courses for which credit has previously been earned at Oneonta.

(3) The student must complete a “Prior Approval for Transfer Credit” form, which can be found on the Graduate Studies web page. This form is submitted to the student’s advisor.

(4) A course description from the transfer institution must be submitted with form. In most cases, a syllabus will also be required.

(5) Once courses are reviewed (approved or denied) by the student’s advisor, students will be notified of decision via their Oneonta email.


1. If the courses are approved, the advisor will forward copies of the approved “Prior Approval for Transfer Credit” to the chair.

2. The chair will notify the student, the Office of the Registrar, and the Admissions department’s Coordinator of Credit for notation in the repository of approved transfer courses.

3. Rules regarding the maximum number of enrolled credits per term will be applied to prior approval requests. Both Oneonta and transfer courses will be calculated together in applying the maximum credit rule.

4. Students who request coursework during a Fall or Spring term must also request an Academic Leave of Absence unless simultaneously enrolling in Oneonta courses.

5. After courses are completed, students must have an official transcript sent from the transfer institution to the

Office of the Registrar

130 Netzer Administration Building

SUNY Oneonta

108 Ravine Parkway

Oneonta, New York 13820.

6. Only courses in which a grade of a B- or above has been earned will be eligible for transfer.

7. Students will be notified by the Registrar's Office when approved transfer credit has been awarded and applied to the student's record.

8. Transfer courses are not part of the Oneonta GPA calculation, and thus, do not affect the Oneonta GPA.


(1) If the student’s request is denied the advisor will forward a copy of the form to the Registrar noting the reason for denial.

(2) If the advisor denies the transfer credit or course substitution, the student may appeal to the academic department chair for review and/or substitution.

(3) If the chair denies the transfer credit or course substitution, the student may appeal to the dean for review and/or substitution.

(4) The dean’s decision is final.


Prior Approval for Transfer Credit form (post matriculation process)


Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:



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Approved by President/Provost: May 9, 2022

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