Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

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May 2024

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Policy Statement

An undergraduate student who has senior standing and has a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 may take up to twelve credits of graduate coursework. Graduate-level course expectations and grading policies apply.

The graduate course(s) may be used toward overall undergraduate graduation credits and/or the undergraduate degree program requirements subject to undergraduate degree program review. Additionally, if the student is accepted within seven years to the graduate program to which the courses apply, those course(s) will apply toward that graduate degree.

Students choosing this option should understand that this does not admit them to graduate study in a graduate program and that some graduate-level courses may not be open to undergraduate students under any circumstance.


Allowing undergraduate students to take graduate courses provides a pathway to graduate school. Some undergraduates may use graduate courses to explore potential areas of interest for future study or career paths. Taking graduate courses as an undergraduate can additionally provide valuable preparation for graduate studies. It can help students become familiar with the expectations, workload, and rigor of graduate-level coursework, giving them a head start in their academic pursuits.

Taking graduate courses that count toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees allows students to complete a graduate degree in less than time than would traditionally be required. It may encourage undergraduate student at SUNY Oneonta to continue their studies at SUNY Oneonta to take advantage of accelerated pathways.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all SUNY Oneonta undergraduate students.

Policy Elaboration

The ratio of seniors to graduate students in a graduate course should normally not exceed 10%; however, in classes with enrollments of less than ten students, one or two seniors may be permitted.


Senior standing equates to having earned 90 or more s.h.


Students and advisors should consult with the appropriate graduate program coordinator as they develop a degree program plan that includes graduate study.

The appropriate program chair determines eligibility on a course-by-course basis, in consultation with the student’s advisor. Decision criteria include:

the student’s preparedness for graduate study based on the academic record,

the student’s rationale for enrolling in graduate courses, and

the availability of space in the course(s).

Students must file a “Senior Enrollment in Graduate Course” form signed by the course instructor, the student’s advisor, and the coordinator of the program in which the course is offered.

Any undergraduate student considering taking a graduate course should discuss the implications with their financial aid advisor.

Specific undergraduate enrollment requirements may apply to international students, student-athletes, and those who receive financial aid.




Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:

Dean of Graduate Studies



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