The Political Science Department offers a wide range of internships for students interested in politics and government from all majors. These internships can take place in capitals——Washington DC and Albany—internationally, locally or even potentially in your hometown. 


Internships range from part-time, to full-time full semester opportunities. Full-time placements are professional-level placements in the legislative and executive branches of New York state government, federal executive agencies, Congress, interest groups or federal courts.


Internships may be undertaken during fall, spring, or summer for 1-15 credits. A coordinated academic component incorporates seminars, readings, journals, term papers, etc. Each intern is mentored and supervised throughout the internship by program coordinators or members of the Political Science Department.


Internships are great opportunities for students to expand knowledge of politics and government, career exploration, personal growth, self-confidence, computer skills, and writing skills. Alumni for over forty years have praised the programs highly.


Washington, DC Internship Programs

SUNY Washington Internship Program

Albany Internship Programs

New York State Senate Assistants Program (spring only)

New York State Assembly Session Intern Program (spring only)

Prospective interns must be approved by the department first and then apply to the programs through the department. These programs do not accept applications directly from students.

International Internships

International internships are available through the American Internship Council, Connect-123, and SUNY-wide study abroad programs. Please see the Career Development Center's International Internships page for more information and for key dates and deadlines.

The SUNY Global Education Program offers internationally-focused internships in New York City. The SUNY Global Engagement Program is designed to foster global citizenship. It provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the extensive global affairs conducted in New York City.

To receive departmental credit for these internships, you must work with the Political Science department's internship coordinator. 

Local and Regional Internships

Local internship placements are possible throughout the academic year, both in Oneonta and in your hometown. Each student works with the internship coordinator to develop a placement that works for them. As with all of our internships, there is an academic component in addition to a work placement in a professional setting. Students involved in a local internship can earn 1-6 semester hours of course credit during the spring and fall, and up to 9 credits in the summer. 

Applying for Internship Credit

1) Completion of 56 s.h., including a minimum of 12 s.h. at Oneonta.
2) A cumulative GPA of at least 2.00; minimum major GPA of 2.00.

Application Process

  • Student provides a description of the proposed internship and site supervisor contact info to department internship coordinator, Prof. Wilkerson.
  • Prof. Wilkerson and student contact site supervisor and establish work agreement regarding student duties and job evaluation. 
  • Student and professor complete campus internship application form
  • Professor confirms student eligibility 
  • Student is responsible for signatures of site supervisor

Academic Work

Volume will vary with credit hours, at instructor’s discretion, but generally includes journal entries that respond to instructor-designed questions and a final paper reflecting on the internship experience and relating it to material from other courses. 

For more information

The director of the department's internship program is Dr. Bill Wilkerson, Schumacher 14J. Please contact him at 607-436-3272 for more information.


Funding Your Internship
Thanks to the generous support of the Jay Jacobs '77 Fund for Experiential Education and the James '75 and Mary Susan Ajello Internship Fund, the Political Science Department can offer a limited number of scholarships for internships.

Please see our "Funding Opportunities" page for more information. 

The Career Development Center also offers a number of college-wide scholarships for internships. For more information, please see the links below.
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