Adolescence Education


SUNY Oneonta offers 10 undergraduate adolescence education programs, in biology, chemistry, earth science, Englishfamily and consumer sciences, Frenchmathematics, physics, social studies and Spanish. A related minor in educational psychology is also available.

The curriculum in each of these programs has three dimensions: general education, content education and professional education. All SUNY Oneonta education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the New York State Regents and New York State Education Department.

In addition to formal field experience in area schools, pre-service teachers have many opportunities to practice their teaching strategies, including service-learning activities and leading workshops for area middle school students during the Catskill Area School Study Council’s fall enrichment seminar series.


Department of Secondary Education and Educational Technology
374 Fitzelle Hall

Ryan O’Reilly
I want to be a middle school Spanish teacher, probably like eighth grade. It’s a good age where you can interact with them and they can start to form their own opinions and add substance to a conversation. It’s really when they dive into language and start learning about why it’s so important to learn other languages and how it can connect people.
Madeline Every
Definitely I will remember the trips and experiences I have had through the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department. This semester, I'm taking two four-hour field trips a week, along with ones on weekends. It’s amazing not only getting to go to these beautiful places and understand what's going on there, but getting to go with my best friends and professors that I've had now for four years has been really great, and it really makes it a fun, kind of family-trip experience.
Johanna Weidenhamer
I met my best friends going random with roommates. I was actually in a forced triple. So there were three of us in a double-sized room and we all ended up being really, really close friends. I always like to tell the story because it ended up working out for us. We were given the chance to de-triple eventually, and we said no. So we stayed in the room, and then we got a triple the second semester!
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